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Heart Snatchers Family

The Death Busters were the villains in Sailor Moon S. Their goal was to retrieve the three Pure Heart crystals and their carriers Talismans. The leader of the group was Professor Tomo and his assistant Kaolinite. They used Youma called Daimon, which Tomo created at the beginning of the episodes in his lab. After the busty Kaolinite was killed in battle with the Senshi. Tomo called the Witches 5 which consisted of Eudial, Mimete, Tellu, Viluy and Cyprene and Pittutol.(yea I know that's 6 but Cyprene and Pittutol count as 1 witch)Tomo spoke to each of the witches on the phone just before they received a Daimon Egg in a briefcase marked with a large black star.The Death Buster's ultimate goal was to revive the Messiah of Silence, Mistress 9 and her larger companion Pharaoh 90. Their goal was to retrieve the Holy Grail(Chalice of Power) and awaken Mistress 9 from Tomo's daughter Hotaru(Sailor Saturn). In the NA dub, they describe this process as achieving "All-Mightyness".
Professor Tomoe was posssed by an evil spirit, and his daughter, Hotaru ( aka sailor saturn) was taken over by mistress nine. The evil spirit who took over his body used his brain to create heart snatchers and make them collect pure hearts. The pure hearts were then used to strengthen mistress nine. Every time mistress nine got stronger, the good powers of sailor saturn got stronger as well. Professor Tomoe is really a good person, but the accident that occurred in the past, afftected him extremely. One day, I was in my lab, showing a number of people, including my 8 year old daughter an experiment. But something went horribly wrong and there was a large explosion, that killed every one in the lab, except for me.  Then, a daimon master came to him, and told me  that if I sold my soul to the Daimon Master, then Hotaru would be revived. I then became the leader of the Death Busters.  I gave orders to Kaolinite and the Witches 5. However, I was nothing like I was before,infact I was very psychotic.  I made the daimon eggs, and used the daimons to go after pure heart crystals, in search of the talismans. Near the end of SMS, the Daimon Master leaves my body to go fight the Seshi.  The Senshi kill it, and Tomoe is good again.   I lostall of my memories from injuries, and take care of his baby daughter Hotaru. 

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Kaori Nite

Kaolinite was Tomo's "assistant" in smS. She was the first of the Death Busters to fight the Senshi, and the forst to actually accompany a Daimon into battle. She made her debut with Mikuji, the Daimon that took over the fortune tree at Rei's temple. Not only is this red rebel pretty, but she's incredibly stupid. She has the Daimon go after Pure Heart Crystals, assuming that all of them hold the "objects of power" we all know as talismans. She and Tomo both get this wrong but either way, she leads the first few Daimon such as Mikuji, Neke Neru, Steering ,Octave, Scarf, Di-heart, Tire, and a few more. In her final appearance in red, Kaolinite faces off with the Senshi. The Inners and the two Outers kill her. But she reappears in the episodes after Tomo hires The Witches 5 to get the talismans. Now she is called Kaoli(keep in mind that kaorinite/kaori/kaori night are the same person as Kaolinite, only this name is probably Americanized) and she is Tomo's maid. As before, she and Hotaru dislike each other and now even Viluy of the witches Five goes after her. After the last of the witches (Cyprene and Pickerel) are defeated, Kaolinite returns, dressed to kill in a new black dress. She is successful in retrieving the Talismans and giving them to Mistress 9 and is yet again killed, this time for good.

Mistress 9 is the possessed form of Tomoe Hotaru, and when she is awakened, she works with Professor Tomoe in search of the "Sacred Cup" or Holy Grail". Hotaru became possessed by Mistress 9 after eating Chibi Usa's heart crystal, which came within her grasp when Kaolinite captured Chibi Usa. Prof. Tomoe congratulated Kaolinite for finding a pure heart, but Hotaru, in her new form as Mistress 9, had an outburst of her new found powers and killed Kaolinite. Mistress 9 only lasts for three episodes, and in her last, she tricks Sailor Moon into thinking that she was dying and gets Sailor Moon to give her the Holy Grail in order for her to recover. But, after Pharoah 90 got the Holy Grail from her, a blast of energy blasted towards her, in an attempt to kill her as she was no longer needed, and the part of the attack that Sailor Moon did not manage to block in order to protect her weakened her abitlity to keep away the small part of her in which Hotaru still remained. When this happened, Hotaru managed to take control and destroy Mistress 9 using "Sailor Omega recovery" as Sailor Uranus called it. Sailor Saturn was resurrected, and she returned Chibi Usa's heart crystal to her before sacrificing herself to destroy Pharoah 90.

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