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Welcome to the sailor moon Villans Page! so far, we have only pictures of the villans but we'll be adding info no them pretty soon. Enjoy what you can!

Negaverse : Queen Beyrl, malachite, zoicite, jedite

Negamoon : Four sisters (catsy, Birdie, Avery, Prisma), Rubeus, Wise man, Sapphire, Prince diamond, Emerald, Wicked Lady

Doom Tree Family : Allan and Ann

Heart Snatchers : Witches 5 ( Eudial, Mimete, Telly, Viluly, cuprine and pichirol), Professor Tomoe, Kaori - Nite

Dead Moon Circus Amazon Trio (Hawkseyes, Tigerseye, Fisheye), Amazon Quartet ( SereSere, BesuBesu, JunJun, ParaPara), Zirconian, Queen Nehelenia

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