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Witches Five

The Witches five are part of the Professor's clan and they work together to find the pure heart crystals. Tellu, Mimete, Viluly, Cyprine and Pichirol (they count as one) fight together and try to defeat the scouts. But of course, they fail. ^.^
Mimete is the second of the Witches 5. She's the youngest and most hyperactive witch, with a love for bishonen (cute guys) and manga. She's been described as goofy, brainless and hyper. Mimete first appeared in episode 110 of Sailor Moon SuperS and in episode 111 she kills her predescesor Eudial (Eugeal) by putting out the brakes of her car. Mimete's M.O. for going after the pure hearts was to find a cute guy and take his heart crystal. The notable exception to this was when the professor stepped out and Mimete got a little daimon-happy with his machine. She threw a bunch of things into it and 'poof!' Sugoi! She lasted longer than the other witches, and in episode 120 even had a viable plan to defeat the senshi. Mimete had programmed her body into a computer so she wouldn't die. Tellu showed up and argued with a screaming Mimete. Finally, she pulled the plug and Mimete died.Mimete's attack is Charm Buster. When she goes undercover she wears a red kerchief, large glasses, and a yellow trenchcoat. She often appears by simply popping out of places and carries a large breifcase adorned with a crane and a black star. Her uniforn consists of a black sportsbra-type top attatched to a black and yellow tutu by a red star. She wears a cool bead tiara and yellow tights.
Viluy is not actually a human, she is really sort of a computer simulation. In the manga, Viluy is the third of the Witches5 to appear but the fourth of the Witches5 to appear in the anime. She disguises herself as the leader of the science class and the only girl that can actually beat Mizuno Ami's entrance test results into Mugen Gakuen. Viluy planned to release a special virus into the school computer network. It will remove all the students' pure hearts and bring them through the computer screen to her to turn them into the slaves of Master Pharoah 90. It was stated in the manga, Viluy was level 202 and her attack was "Mosaic Buster" which is about the equivilant to Sailormercury's attack "Aqua Mirage". Back to the anime, Ami, Haruka, and Michiru discover her plot and try to stop her, but she uses this special wrist device, called the "Motaiku Buster", to blast a computer virus into them. It begins to electrocute them. Haruka and Michiru manage to get a hang of themselves, overcame that virus and transformed into Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune. Then they attack Viluy, damaging her wrist device. Sailor Moon appears and attacks too, damaging Viluy's device even more. When Viluy tries to attack again, her virus backfires on herself, which caused her to destroy herself.
Eudial is the first witch from "Withes 5" which appear in Sailor Moon Super after Kaolinite was killed. She is using deamons as Kaolinite did, but takes the Pure Hearts from people using a gun. She has a fire buster (#1 and #2) and is quite familiar with all the techik, computers, and other stuff like this. She wears a cool red bra and red pants, her earrings are like five-corner stars .Eudial usualy appears first in her laboratory, wearing a long white lab coat. Then, when Tomoe sends her a demon, she get's in her car and drives it like insane. Many times she is seen to crush some stuff, like trees and stones on her way. When in a battle, she usualy begins with gathering the heart-crystal, but then runs away, leaving her demons alone.Eudial is also the one to find two of tree talismans: that means Haruka's and Michiru's heart-crystals. She also gathers them, but unfortunately they ware taken back by Sailor Pluto and Sailor Moon. In that episode Eudial died, because Mimete broke brakes in her car, and when Eudial drove it, she crushed from a cliff.

We first see Tellu in this episode when she is typing on her computer. The phone rings and she answers. It's Professor Tomoe, Hotaru's mad scientist father. He expressed his interest in her plan to obtain heart crystals (to awaken Mistress Nine who will bring the ruin) by using plants which, in essence, suck the life out of people and release a heart crystal. She tells the professor that she is ready and she turns on the lights. The room shows zillions of plants.We next see Tellu in her plant shop. She is explaining that her plants don't need fertilizer or water and are inexpensive.Setsuna buys one to study it. It attacks her, but her talisman protects her.Later, Tellu gives a plant to Chibi-usa, explaining that it brings good luck. She decides to give it to Hotaru. Eventually, Chibi-usa, Usagi and Setsuna decide to check out the flower shop. They arrive just in time to see Tellu take the heart crystals of several customers and collect the crystals in a black star in her hand.They transform and appear before Tellu. Tellu shoots plant vines at Chibimoon, but she uses her Pink Sugar Heart Attack (and it actually works!) but Tellu retaliates and shoos more vines at Chibimoon. Pluto throws herself in front of Chibimoon just in time and is, I guess, electrocuted. Tuxedo Kamen saves Pluto, and Sailormoon transforms into Supersailormoon to kill all the plants. This really annoys Tellu. She takes out a flower pot and a huge plant comes out of it. She explains that it attacks those with pure heart crystals, then destroys itself to kill the person as well and obtain their heart crystal. She is about to leave with her black star, but Tuxedo Kamen destroys it with a rose. Tellu is left among the heart crystals and the plant goes after her. The last we see is Tellu wrapping the plant with her vines and trying to electrocute it.We hear a bloodcurdling scream, and then, sadly, Tellu dies.

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