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This website is intended to provide information, character bios, and lots of images to the sailor moon fans around the world!
Still under construction, so please excuse the mess!

Editors: Leilani Quiogue & Patricia Sagala

About the Authors:

Leilani & Patricia are both third year BME majors. They first met in the 2nd grade at Millbrook Elementary.
    Favorite Scouts:
  1. Sailor Mercury
  2. Sailor Mars
  3. Tuxedo Mask
  Leilani Patricia
GID ____ 175
Favorite Food ____ Sushi
Favorite Show ____ CSI: Las Vegas
Favorite Movie ____ Fight Club

Last update: November 11, 2008

Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Mars
Sailor Venus
Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Uranus
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Saturn
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