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Dead Moon Circus

In this season, we meet a new enemey, the Dead Moon. What they are is a circus that tries to find a horse named Pegusus who hides in beautiful dreams. At first, we assume that Zioconia is the head of this mission, partly because all we see is Zioconia giving orders, but we later find out that the queen of the Dead Moon is Queen Neherenia. We see her after the Amazon Trio was distroyed. The Amazon Trio were made up of three, cross-dressing males named Fish Eye, Hawks Eye, and Tigers Eye. Fish Eye can also take the form of a young girl around Usagi's age. Fish Eye is also more femine then the rest, so obviously develops a thing for Mamuro when he's given a mission to check out his dream mirror. The trio is distroyed by Queen Neherenia after they fail at their mission repeatively. So she sends out the Amazoness Quartet to finish the job, but they fail as well. Cere Cere, Jun Jun, Ves Ves, and Palla Palla were the Quartet. They were close to discovering the golden mirror holder, but that secret died with Fish Eye. Turns out that Pegusus was hiding in Chibi-Usa's dream and they became extremely close. Pegusus came to Chibi-Usa because of her dreams, they were so beautiful to him. With no servants, Queen Neherenia fled to outer space once the Sailor Senshi appeared at the Circus. But don't think we don't hear from her ever again. Everything returns to normal once more.
Queen Neherenia
Queen Neherenia turns up in the SuperS series of Sailor Moon, talking to Zirconia through a mirror. She appears to be the master orchestrater of the Dead Moon Circus, which is displayed later in the series. Neherenia wants to be young an beautiful forever and wants the fabled Golden Crystal. She captured Helios from the dream world Elision, to try and get the crystal. But Helios took the power of the Golden Crystal and hid it inside that of a beautiful dream in the guise of the Pegasus. Nehelenia sends the Dead Moon Circus to retrieve the Golden Dream Mirror (which signifies the power is contained within) so she may get the power of the Golden Crystal. To stay young a beautiful before she has the crystal, she lives within the Mirror Realm, and can't come out without fear of becoming old. Anyway, she get's the Golden Crystal, but the Sailor senshi re-imprison her inside the Mirror realm.....Neherenia started out young and as a Queen in her own right. Yet when she looked within the mirror one day, she saw herself old and decrepid. Neherenia's race age to look like Zirconia, when Neherenia didn't want. She took dream mirrors from her subjects, absorbing their power to become ever young, yet evil. Those subjects, now with no dreams, became members of the Dead Moon Circus. Neherenia decided the only way to stay eternally young without taking dream mirrors, was to capture the fabled Golden Crystal. But to stay young, she imprisoned herself within the Mirror Realm, not able to leave, unless she would age almost instantly.

Zirconia is another bad villain. He is the instructor or evil deeds for the amazon quartet, trio, and Queen Neherenia. He tells the Amazon groups that he is helping them, but is really planning to destroy them little by little. He makes sure that the circus is a success, but tries to ruin it behind the scenes. Like all the other Villains, Zirconia insists that failure will nto be tolerated. At then end Zirconia dies and leaves the scouts in peace again. ^_^

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