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Amazon Quartet

The Amazoness Quartet was directed by Zirconia. They would take out heart mirrors from a large group of people at a time. They were afraid of getting Dream Mirrors because this would make them adults... and they thought becoming adults wouldn't be any fun. So they stored their dreams in their colored orbs, which were the source of their powers.
Ves Ves
Ves Ves is paired 2 sailor mars. She is a animal trainer. She weres red,pink,yellow and black. She has red hair with lots of rings. Ves Ves uses a whip to call her animals.

Para Para
> ParaPara is obviously the blue sister. She is very stubborn. she was clumsy and a bit of a crybaby. She once used her magic to switch the ages and... figures... of Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon. She also always refers to herself in the third person, and most of her lemures have to do with toys. She wears blue, white and has those things around her head.

Jun Jun
Junjun was equal to Sailor Jupiter. She was very agressive and would use her strength a lot. She wears the color green alot. She is also very mean.

Cere Cere
Cere Cere is a Trapese artist. She is also the leader of the Amazon Quartet group. She does not always get worried she just goes to her flower petals. She weres Pink,red and gold. She likes flowers and is good at snaching dreams. Cere Cere Uses a gold ball And a pool stick and shoots it at the target. All the amazons are have the same power as a sailor scout. Cere Cere is paired up with sailor Venus.She was probably the most calm of the group. Whenever there was a problem she couldn't figure out, she'd pick the petals off of a flower and would decide on the last petal.

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