Kingdom of Evermore - Age of Rebirth

Kingdom of Evermore

Age of Rebirth

You enter the gates of a huge kingdom. The land is amazing. Fresh, green, grass glitters in the sunlight. Trees sway peacefully in the wind. The warm smell of soft flowers envelops you. In the distance you can see high, snow capped, mountains that seem to glow in the light. You can see a great, dark forest, a place where one could explore for years. From the distance you can feel and smell the faint salt air from the ocean just out of your view. To think, this kingdom used to be such a harsh wasteland. The people had already begun to rebuild. The town, once dirty slums, looked cleaner and more like the jolly place of old. It has already begun to grow to become a city. Two great towers were being built. They were not great monstrosities like the old Trèggin Sci used to be. These towers were known as Anima Solaris and Frigus Mors. These stood like two great welcoming beacons, guiding people into friendly land.
This is the new Evermore. An Evermore of happiness and cheer. Yet there still looms a darkness, a darkness that always looms over the joy and happiness, ready to destroy it. The good Emperor Claw has taken his leave from the throne, and now his two children argue over the rightful heir. Claw has not stepped in to settle their disbute and has instead concentrated on the people and returning Evermore to its former days of properity. While the children fight, others chose their own sides. The stakes and risks are growing. What will end up happening? Will a kingdom be torn apart? Or can this tiny kingdom be peaceful realm once again? The Era of Annihilation is over. Welcome to the Age of Rebirth.

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