Frigus Mors

You come upon a clearing at the northern end of the Dark Forest. In it stands the tower Frigus Mors, constructed of irradiant blue-black stone

The tower is, by far, the most unwelcoming sight in all of Evermore, especially the wall that partially surrounds it. The wall, constructed during the hideous War of Blood, was created magically, and is made from the living flesh of monsters that tried to seige the tower. The wall did not reach completion, but it remains as a horrific testament to the war that bore down upon the Kingdom of Evermore.

Despite the horrific appearances, Frigus Mors is open to all citizens of Evermore. Cautiously, you approach.

Royal Mercenaries HQ

Pain and Death

The Map Room

The Library

Throne Room

There currently are not any role plays occuring in the general area of Frigus Mors.
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