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Korats! The Good Luck Cat?

Welcome to my web page. I am trying to learn more about my favorite breed of cat, the Korat. As you may know, the Korat has been considered a "lucky" cat. This legend goes back at least as far as an old Thai scroll called the "Cat Book Poems". This scroll portrays the Korat as a good luck cat.

Good news! I just purchased a digital camera through eBay! Check out the updated photos of my Korats. You will see some cool action photos of them, in love, at war and asleep!

Korats Make The Cover, Again!...

The main purpose of my web page is to research the "Korat Luck" experiences of my fellow Korat enthusiasts. I have experienced good luck since we acquired our pair of Korats and wonder if others have similar stories. If you submit them, I will print your story here!

Needless to say, I am also interested in Thailand and would enjoy hearing from Thai people who have any information about the Korat and its role in Thailand both today and in years gone by. Everything I've read about Korats has been written by Westerners and I'd like to hear the Thai perspective.

Don't Be Scared, I'm Just Yawning!

The author of the book, "The Richest Man in Babylon", writes that the goddess of fortune smiles on those who take action and accept opportunites. I'm just curious if a little help from our beautiful silver-grey friends might not please the goddess of fortune, too!

From Thailand With Love...

I must admit, I was reluctant to publish this page. I am very interested in the breed and its preservation. I don't want to see them "mutate" like the Siamese cats. Our Korats are cherished members of our family. If you don't truly love and appreciate them, please don't consider owning them for their potential lucky powers.

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UPDATE! NEW photos of our beautiful Korats!

Some random thoughts on living with a Korat...
New! See pictures of korats that other fanciers have sent me...

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