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The lightning towers in the Thunder Plains were constructed by Biligan of the Al Bhed. In appreciation, as well as to pass this knowledge on to future generations, the Biligan committee of the Travel Agency there has decided to give out various souvenirs to travelers who successfully avoid being struck by lightning.

To avoid the lightning, simply press the X button immediately after you see the screen flash white. You'll receive different souvenirs according to how many times you consecutively manage to avoid being struck. If you happen to get struck, other than being blown off your feet, there isn't any penalty (no HP loss or enemy encounter, for example). Note that moving to another map or loading your game data would cut off your continuity in evasion; that means for example you can't save after every few times you avoid the lightning and reset your game when you get struck, expecting the evasion count to continue from where you left off, because when you load your game your evasion count reverts to 0. However, any events or battles will not disrupt your evasion count, so you don't have to worry about fighting battles or speaking to anyone. The lightning strikes most frequently when you are stationary, and least frequently when you are running.

Once you've managed to avoid being struck at least twice consecutively, you'll find a book in the Travel Agency at the Thunder Plains recording the total number of times lightning has struck, the total number of times you managed to avoid it, and your highest record of consecutively avoiding lightning. The table below shows the prizes you can get, as well as the number of times you need to evade (consecutively, of course), or be struck in order to get them. The prizes are placed in a treasure chest just outside the Travel Agency at the Plains, and each prize can only be gotten once. Also, if you manage to avoid, say 20 times consecutively on your first try, you'll get all the prizes up to the 3rd one, that is, you'll get the X-Potions, Mega-Potions and the MP Spheres. Just take the treasure in the chest, go into the Travel Agency, come out again, take the treasure, and repeat until you've obtained all the treasures.

Evade at least 5 times consecutively X-Potion x 2
Evade at least 10 times consecutively Mega-Potion x 2
Evade at least 20 times consecutively MP Sphere x 2
Evade at least 50 times consecutively Strength Sphere x 3
Evade at least 100 times consecutively HP Sphere x 3
Evade at least 150 times consecutively Megalixir x 4
Evade at least 200 times consecutively Venus Sigil
Get struck a total of at least 30 times (need not be consecutive)Ether
Get struck a total of at least 80 times (need not be consecutive)Elixir

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