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About the Chess Odyssey Web Site
(This page last updated 09/09/04)

J. Franklin Campbell has named us a "Site of Note"--read his 1/3/04 review

* We've been awarded Honorable Mention by Chess Journalists of America for
 Best New Website 2003 (check out Chess.FM, our most formidable competition,
which took first place)--the announcement was made at the 2003 U.S. Open *   

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Coming Soon:  Student Game of the Month with coach commentary

We've designed our site to be a useful reference tool for solid chess information, covering a broad range, and appealing to all ages, interest levels and playing strengths.  We've also infused content of a more reflective nature, as well as lighter material, to represent the full flavor of our programs.  In addition to our top-notch original content, we have included over 1,000 quality links.  We consider those we serve to be primarily Chess Odyssey students and their family members, but we're also happy to have our site function as a resource for the chess community at large, within the parameters of copyright law.  We'd love it if you would take a moment to tell us how you think we're doing, especially by way of sharing any suggestions you may have (click on email webmaster).  

To best view some of our links, it is helpful to have a Java-enabled browser, as well as Java virtual machine (download it here).  If you are having any trouble viewing and/or activating our hover buttons at the top of the home page, those buttons lead to the following pages:  

The Voyage          USCF/FIDE
Chess News         Scholarships
   Some History      Attitudes       
Girls Only           Competition 
  Our Programs      Reference      

The Reference page also has ten additional hover buttons leading to the following pages:  Improving Your Game, Playing Online, Rules of Chess, Symbols/Notation, Chess Dictionary, Equipment, Books/Magazines, Software/Databases, Chess Links and Other Fun Games (with dozens & dozens of links to cool games/fun sites, most of them free!).  A few of our reference pages are incomplete, but will be filled in very shortly.  

Other informational pages on our site include:  Clock Rules, Blitz Rules (these are the WBCA rules, which are hard to find on the web in unaltered form), Games, Ratings, Etiquette, Preparing for a Tournament, Spectators and Why Chess?    

Please note that we faithfully, frequently update
the following pages
during the school year:
(only an unforeseen technical glitch will slow us down!)

Chess News --  local, U.S. & world chess news updated pretty much daily
Calendar -- tournament listings updated at least monthly
Attitudes -- look for a new "Attitude Check" several times a year
Ulysses' Challenge -- our monthly puzzle, which varies each time in type & difficulty
Chess Odyssey Student News -- updated as needed, at least seasonally

All other pages are also updated periodically, so keep checking back.
Thanks for spending time with us!


Many thanks to Gary Beller, Bruce Peterson and Paul Cressman for cheerful, skillful assistance.

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