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Ulysses' Challenge #11

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(Who is Ulysses?)

Ulysses:  Hey chess players, I'm sure you've observed that when you're playing against a novice you can win oftentimes simply because they overlook an immediate checkmate.  However, as you face increasingly stronger opponents winning this way gets much harder.  They'll see the mates-in-one or direct attacks against their pieces, and will defend against them.  You want to be aware of the tactical possibilities several moves in advance, when there is a greater chance of your opponent overlooking them.  Pete likes to borrow a phrase from naval combat, when he calls forcing, tactical lines which lead to a clear and often decisive advantage, "firing solutions." the position below, can you find the powerful " firing solution" for White?  

Remember, every Chess Odyssey student who gets a solution to me before the 2/29/04 deadline will receive 2 points...or 5 points if their solution is correct.  Turn your solution in at club, or type your solution in an email and send it to me here, or mail it (with your name and return address!) to Chess Odyssey, 2373 NW 185th, #261 Hillsboro, OR 97124.

Note:  If you're not a Chess Odyssey student, feel free to send us your answer anyway--points
                            and prizes are only for those in our programs, but we'll be happy to let you know how you did! 

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