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Regional, U.S. & World Chess News/Personalities

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The 2004 European Women's Championship is now taking place in Dresden, through April 3

The annual Amber Blindfold and Rapid Tournament is now underway in Monte Carlo, through April 1

AF4C (America's Foundation for Chess) sets dates for the 2004 U.S. Chess Championships:  November 25 through December 5 in the San Diego area

Charting a new path to determine the current world champion, FIDE plans the next knock-out world championship qualifier for 6/18 to 7/13 in Tripoli, Libya to determine who will play Garry Kasparov for the title match in Viet Nam this December or January

Kasparov won the recent Reykjavik Rapid against the likes of Alexei Dreev and Nigel Short...take a look at the games of Magnus Carlsen, at 13 the youngest participant and definitely someone to watch in the future

"It's More Than A Game--The Art Of Chess Today is the name of Maryhill Museum's first exhibit of 2004, open for viewing as of 3/15

The Oregonian  included a description of the 2004 Oregon Chess for Success Scholastic Championships on 3/12-13--see the list of Chess Odyssey trophy winners on our Student News page

The Queen of the King's Game (GM Susan Polgar) recently opened her new chess center in NYC...take a look, reported 3/10

Kramnik finished victorious at this year's Linares, the Wimbledon of grandmaster-level chess, held 2/19 to 3/5--Kasparov was among the 7 competitors

Get the tools to become a student of top-level international chess:  check the broadcast schedule at Chess.FM (Internet radio) to hear live commentary on some of the biggest Super GM matches as they unfold; register here (Internet Chess Club) free as a guest to simultaneously view the moves of these games on your computer screen; download roughly a thousand top-level games a week here (The Week in Chess, a.k.a. TWIC); search for over 250,000 games here or over two million here; catch up to date on tournament/match history; and check a current calendar of chess tournaments around the globe

Read the New Yorker review of the recently published book entitled Bobby Fischer Goes to War, a layman's take on the famous original championship match against Spassky back in 1972

The Kasparov Chess Foundation announces the first annual All-Girls National Chess Championships to be held in Chicago, May 14-16

Full UTD scholarship to go to the 2004 U.S. High School Chess Champion this April

See the exciting trailer for the new movie Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine about the famous 1997 Deep Blue match. opening in British theaters this week

Take a look at pictures of the amazing 2004 Majestic All-America Chess Team, ages 7-18--especially note #29...Oleg Zaikov of Eugene

"Art in Chess and Chess in Art," featuring the works of students age 5 to 13, now showing at the Seattle Art Museum through Feb. 1

Got any great ideas of titles for yet-to-be-published chess book?  Gambit Publications is looking for contributions.  Submit your entries here and you could win a free chess book.  Contest ends 1/31.

Anand won a clear victory at the annual Corus-sponsored Super GM tournament, 1/10-25, in Wijk aan Zee, Holland--standings of all 13 rounds are here, pictures are here, and Mig gives a little background on some of the top players here

USCF appoints Bill Goichberg as new Executive Director, announced 1/22/04

J. Franklin Campbell has named Chess Odyssey a "Site of Note"--read his review, 1/3

[OK, this isn't chess news, but it's important!]  Congrats to the EDL team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the highly successful Spirit rover landing on Mars, 1/3

University of Texas-Dallas beat Duke, Stanford, M.I.T., and even six-year champs UMBC, to win the 2003 Pan-American Intercollegiate Team Chess Championships held in Miami, reported 12/31

Vote for the top chess news story of 2003 at the Chessville Forum

Register now to participate in the latest ChessBrain Network world record attempt, taking place 1/28-2/1

In a 12/22 press release, America's Foundation for Chess has announced that the 2004 U.S. Championships will be held in San Diego next December

The latest Mig on Chess, "All I Want For Christmas," seems reasonable enough to us!

Chess Odyssey is listed on p. 21 of the new January 2004 Chess Life magazine as a recipient of one of the 2003 Chess Journalist of America Awards

Congratulations to Oleg Zaikov of Eugene, the only Northwest scholastic chess player to make the 2004 Majestic All America Team, announced 12/9

A queen that can also move like a knight?  A pawn that can move like a bishop?  Check out Plunder Chess, the new variation in which you assimilate the powers of the pieces you capture

Read the controversial (we think it's tongue-in-cheek) Telegraph column by British grandmaster Nigel Short, which includes ruminations on chess and the virtues of slavery (an institution of ancient origins, thankfully no longer p.c.) and decide for yourself if he crossed the line (Short's response is what we expected)

A Denver newspaper recalls a fascinating character from U.S. chess history:  Coach Pete's long-time chess mentor and friend George Koltanowski

Free Chess Odyssey program at Tigard Library (Mondays from 4:00-5:30) listed in The Oregonian, 11/27

Read excerpts from the 11/25 interview of reigning world champion Vladimir Kramnik--"I know for sure that Kasparov admires me"

Game #4 of Kasparov vs. X3D Fritz on Tuesday, Nov. 18 was a cautious Queen's Gambit Accepted, resulting in another draw.  The final score for the match was tied at 2-2.  The contest between mankind and the silicon beast remains unresolved!

Game #3 of Kasparov vs. X3D Fritz on Sunday, Nov. 16 was a brilliant win for Kasparov with the White pieces!  The match is currently tied at 1-1/2 to 1-1/2.  Game #4 is scheduled to be broadcast on ESPN2 this Tuesday, 11/18, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (PT), though it may not be continuous coverage.  For the best coverage, we recommend you tune in to Chess.FM, while watching the game live on ICC (Internet Chess Club).  First, download ICC's Blitzin software, then connect as a guest and finally click on "observe 1" [underlined] in the main console, to watch the animated moves of this match on a chessboard as they happen.  Click here for more detailed instructions.

Game #2 of Kasparov vs. X3D Fritz on Thursday, Nov. 13 was a shocking loss for Kasparov as Black, following his elementary blunder on move 32 which led to a pawn loss!  The computer now leads the best-of-four match 1-1/2 to 1/2.  

Game #1 of Kasparov vs. X3D Fritz in virtual reality on Tuesday, Nov. 11 was interesting and tense.  Kasparov (White) chose the sharp but controversial Shabalov variation (7.g4) against the computer's Semi-Slav Defense.  For awhile it appeared as though Fritz would go down to a quick defeat, as Kasparov was able to win the exchange.  However, Fritz developed counterplay and was able to hold the game to a draw.  Don't miss game #2, which will also be broadcast on ESPN2 Thursday, 11/13, at 10 a.m. (PT). 

The Kasparov vs. X3D Fritz (a.k.a. 'Man vs. Machine') match games are being broadcast live from New York on ESPN2, Chess.FM and ICC [see paragraph below] from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. PT (1 p.m.-4 p.m. ET) on Tuesday Nov. 11, Thursday Nov. 13, Sunday Nov. 16 and Tuesday Nov. 18!

Click here for some background and the Chess Cafe interview with science journalist, now chess journalist, Paul Hoffman, who will be providing commentary alongside Yasser Seirawan at the upcoming Kasparov vs. X3D Fritz match

Subscribe to our regional chess magazine, Northwest Chess,  at the regular rate and support chess in our area year round!  Membership is included to either the Oregon Chess Federation or Washington Chess Federation.  Northwest Chess  is also now offering $10/6-month (covers the December-May season) scholastic subscriptions for those under age 20--click here for details

Maryhill Museum design competition seeks chess sets created by young artists for display in 2004, submission deadline 2/9/04

Results are now in for the World Youth Chess Championships 2003 held in Greece, 10/22-11/3

Anand earns FIDE's World Rapid Chess Champion title at competition in France, 10/30

Check out pictures of 12-year-old UK chess wiz David Howell's helicopter tour to promote Britain's 'National Chess Week,' 10/20-26

John Donaldson's 'Two Masters from Seattle' (Zemgalis & Ulvestad) released on CD

Judit Polgar beats former world champion Anatoly Karpov with a very aggressive double bishop sacrifice, 10/12

California has a new chess-playing governator--that's right, folks...Arnold is into the royal game too

China is the happening place for chess these days...note the recent Kings and Queens  'mixed doubles' tournament

Karpov speaks out on the continuing crisis involving FIDE and World Championship plans

Vladmir Kramnik promotes the new Association of Chess Professionals following disillusionment with FIDE's failures

The new 5th edition USCF rulebook is out--click here for a preview of some of the changes

Check the Portland Chess Club web site for the results of the 2003 Oregon Open, 8/30-9/1

September Kasparov-Ponomariov world championship match canceled by FIDE and replaced with a 128-player knockout tournament scheduled for December

Thirteen-year-old Kateryna Lahno wins Category 10 grandmaster event!  

Alexander Shabalov wins the 2003 U.S. Open with a final score of 10/12, reported August 15

View results of the 2003 Mainz Chess Classic, which this year included a Rapid Chess match between Judit Polgar vs. Anand and a Chess 960 (Fischerandom) match between Peter Svidler and Peter Leko, 8/13-17

Big changes occurred this week at USCF:  Beatriz Marinello became the first-ever female USCF President via board election, Paul Truong was named Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Mike Nolan was named Chief Operating Officer, and the search is on to find a new Executive Director, reported 8/11

World's most powerful chess-playing human (Kasparov) to play world's most powerful chess-playing computer (X3D Fritz) in total virtual reality this November

Moldovan Viorel Bologan cleans up, impressing all with a performance rating of 2814, at the close of the Dortmund Super GM tourney, 8/10 

Keep your eye on Brutus, the experimental programmable chess-playing computer chip using FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays)--it's pounding grandmaster opposition

Oleg Zaikov of Eugene finishes third at the 2003 Denker Tournament of High School Champions

We are sorry to report that USCF Executive Director Frank Niro has resigned due to health concerns, reported 8/7

Read the incredible  story of an amazing man...chess trainer/advocate Paul Truong (interviewed by Susan Polgar in her Chess Cafe column, 8/03)

He'll be checkmate you (Arnold, a.k.a. The Terminator, that is)

Don't miss the August 2003 Smithsonian  article on Jennifer Shahade, the strongest American-born female chessplayer ever

Varuzhan Akobian won the U.S. Junior Chess Championship (top players under age 20) held 7/26-31/03 at the World Chess Hall of Fame in Florida, while Matthew Ho and Alen Melikadamian tied for first place in the 2003 United States Cadet Chess Championship (top players under age 16) which was held simultaneously...due to a superior tie-break score, Ho was awarded the four-year scholarship prize to University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Cheers to Judit!  As she passes her 27th birthday, she's ranked #10 in the world and is ready to take on Vishy Anand (ranked #3) in the upcoming Mainz rapid tournament, 8/14-17--register here to participate (yes, you!)  by playing in the Mainz "Chess960" Open (that's the same thing as Fischerandom chess, folks) on the Internet, 8/14-15

Need ideas for your next beach trip?  Have a look at some chess sand art from Sand World 2003 in Travemunde, Germany

Check out the recent Chess Cafe interview with Garry Kasparov regarding his new book My Great Predecessors-Part 1; we'll have a review on our Books page shortly (Pete's autographed copy just arrived from NYC--many thanks, Rich! )

USCF announces it will be relocating to Nashville, Tennessee--click here for press release

Oregon's own NM Richard Shtivelband is spending his summer in The Big Apple battling the New York Masters, as well as top international players--click here to see one of his games

"The Turk," an intriguing piece of chess history, will be demonstrated on August 6 at the U.S. Open in Los Angeles--click here to see a game Napoleon once played against the automaton

Oregonians Oleg Zaikov, Clark Harmon, Carl Haessler and Richard Shtivelband competed against top masters at the World Open in Philadelphia this year--click here for results

The July issue of Chess Life not only included the annual yearbook (packed with facts), a great article on the newest/youngest American grandmaster (15-year-old Hikaru Nakamura), and an 'interview' with Boris Spassky, it also contained the ballot/candidates' statements for the three vacant USCF executive board positions (we recommended that you vote for "the ChessDon," a.k.a. Don Schultz)--click here for election results

The Northwest loses its top-ranked master...GM Yasser Seirawan has permanently relocated to Amsterdam in order to assist with organization of the world championship matches, though he will remain involved with America's Foundation for Chess, reported 6/03

The Kasparov-Ponomariov FIDE match now appears set for Yalta in September--John Henderson reports the most recent developments on the path to reunification of the world title

Thirteen-year-old Salvijus Bercys wins the 2003 U.S. Junior Open Championship (6/20-22 in New York), including a four-year scholarship to University of Texas, Dallas

Click here for results of the 4th European Individual Chess Championships in Istanbul (164 grandmasters competed), 5/30-6/14

Mark Dvoretsky proposes the outlawing of draw offers--register your vote on the subject

Ponomariov beat Topalov in the final match of the 14th Annual Advanced Chess (computer-assisted) quadrangular knockout rapid tournament at Ciudad de Leon, 6/9

Congratulations to Susan Polgar--first woman to be named Grandmaster of the Year!

Check out Chess Watch, writer Gene Venable's new home on ICC

Click here to read Jeremy Silman's recent interview with Yasser Seirawan

Einstein TV (London) announces plans for a Kramnik-Leko match are now in limbo, though the Kasparov-Ponomariov FIDE match appears okay for November in Buenos Aires--John Henderson reports on the current status of plans for reunification of the world title, 5/26

World champion-level chess software (Junior) available soon for purchase

93 Washington students and 21 Oregon students participated in the 2003 National Elementary Championships in Nashville, 5/8-11--results here

Bill Kelleher reviews The Chinese School of Chess by Liu Wenzhe at Chess Cafe

Mig's column #190 on the "no draws before 50 moves" rule idea

Results of the Generation Chess (Maurice Ashley's new organization) tournament of top masters (no draws were allowed before 50 moves in this event!), 4/23-5/2

30 Washington students and 18 Oregon students competed at the National Junior High Championships in Florida, 4/24-27, with Michael Cambareri of Spokane clinching 1st in the K-8 section--more results here

Chess Odyssey is now an About.Com Scholastic Chess Web Guide Pick (all right, time to 'fess up...who submitted us?)!

Matt Goshen and Ben Lin shared first at the conclusion of this year's Battle of Maryhill, 4/26

Russian, the language of chess--Moscow Times article

GM Roman Dzindzichashvili (a.k.a. "Dzindzi")  hired as chess coach for University of Texas-Brownsville program

Nigel Short wins the Hunguest Hotels Super Chess Tournament in Budapest, 4/11-20

Congratulations to the new Oregon Chess Champion (adult/master level) as of 4/13--ninth-grader Oleg Zaikov of Eugene went undefeated (6 wins/3 draws) at 7.5/9 for a clear!  Results table and games (.pgn) are here.

Happy 40th Birthday, Garry Kasparov (4/13)--still on top of the chess world after all these years

University of Maryland-Baltimore wins Final Four of College Chess, reported 4/7/03

Ashland, Oregon resident is winner of Chess Base contest

"Chess is a War Game" article by Jean-Michel historical perspective

Seattle Chess Club now has a web site, click here

GM Maurice Ashley writes about the questionable aspects of certain draw offers

Find out how you can get involved in Phase II of the ChessBrain Network project

Check out Fritz & Chesster, the revolutionary new software for kids from ChessBase that teaches chess in storybook fashion

Will we be seeing "think-move" in the USCF rule book of 2025?  Read this article on bionic brain implants and chess

Rustemov wins Ciudad de Dos Hermanas XII (OTB) on tie-breaks, 4/5

Winners of the 2003 U.S. Chess Trust's Scholar-Chessplayer scholarships, announced 4/1

Eighth grader and Chess Odyssey student Blake Phillips scored 4.5/5 (his one draw was with an expert) last Saturday, 3/30, at the Portland Chess Club March Game-in-60 tournament--this included beating a master and a performance rating for the day of over!

Congratulations to Morgan Griffiths of Eugene who became the 2003 U.S. High School Chess Champion at nationals in Columbus on 3/23!  See the Metro/NW section of the 3/26 Oregonian, or click here for the article

We are very sad to report the death on 3/19 of Richard Wood (a.k.a. The Champ), many-time Oregon Chess Champion...Richard was a popular local master and a tough, creative competitor who will be greatly missed 

Results of the Oregon State (Chess for Success) Scholastic Championships held at Portland State University on 3/14-15

Final results--Anand wins 12th Annual Melody Amber Blindfold and Rapid Chess tournament in Monaco, 3/15-27

Attitude check, Garry, attitude check!  Kasparov spouted to the press over his lost game to Radjabov being chosen "most beautiful" at Linares on 3/9, but later apologized (scroll down to item #71)

Linares Super GM tournament final update 3/9--Leko is champion over Kramnik on tie-break (fewer draws); Kasparov's loss to Radjabov ('The Beast from Baku' vs. 'The Baby Beast'); replay the fascinating Leko-Kasparov drawn game

Leko...the Fischerandom champ, and the Leko-Fischer connection

Moldovan Viorel Bologan wins the Aeroflot Open 2/20/03, qualifying for Dortmund

We extend heartfelt sympathies to FM Alex Dunne (correspondence chess columnist for Chess Life), who lost his wife Janet and grandson Buddy in a housefire on 2/16--to join in the donation effort, click here

Yasser Seirawan's interview following the Ponomariov agreement with FIDE, February 2003

FIDE announces a Kasparov-Ponomariov match set for 6/19-7/7 in Buenos Aires on the path to reunification of the world title by 2005

Hikaru Nakamura breaks Bobby Fischer's record, becoming the youngest American grandmaster ever, 2/5/03

Results of Kasparov vs. Deep Junior, January-February 2003

Anand wins the Corus Tournament at Wijk aan Zee (pronounced Vike-on-zay), January 2003

Alexander Shabalov wins the U.S. Chess Championship in Seattle, January 2003

Anna Hahn, the U.S. Women's Champion, January 2003

A profile of IM Hikaru Nakamura, age 15, who competes at top-level adult tournaments

Results of the Pan-Am Intercollegiate Team Championship held in Miami, 12/02

The surprising results of the X3D World Chess Match, Karpov vs. Kasparov, December 2002

Results of the National K-12 Grade Championships in Atlanta, December 2002

Congratulations to OSU student Richard Shtivelband, whose win at the 11/02 Washington Class Tournament gained him approximately 60 rating points and master rank status!

World Youth Championships in Greece, November 2002

Results of 35th Olympiad 'Peace and Chess', Bled, Slovenia Oct./Nov. 2002

Outcome of Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz (a.k.a. "Brains in Bahrain"), October 2002

Judit Polgar's (at 2700, the highest-ranked woman chess player ever) interview in Greece, September 2002

Judit Polgar's victory over Kasparov at Russia vs. The Rest of the World, September 2002

Sergey Karjakin becomes the youngest grandmaster ever, August 2002

Results of the 2002 USCF National Elementary School Chess Championships, held here in Portland 4/02

The 2002 Pressman Team (the top scholastic players in the U.S.)--slow-loading .pdf well worth the wait!

The top 100 players in the world

GM Vladimir Kramnik, winner of BrainGames 2000--arguably the reigning world champion

GM Garry Kasparov's site (no longer highest ranked player in the world; click here for results of the historic Kasparov vs. The Rest of the World event back in 1999

GM Viswanathan Anand's site--ranked #3 in the world

GM Peter Leko's web site--ranked #4 in the world

GM Alexander Khalifman's site--the 1999-2000 FIDE world champ

GM Yasser Seirawan, highest-rated player in Northwest history, top U.S. & international competitor, and international chess diplomat

GM Maurice Ashley's site, a top U.S. competitor/chess ambassador

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ChessWatch (archives are here)

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