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Last Update: January 28, 2002                                                        

BGN Version 3.0: Welcome to BGN! Have you signed up for the newsletter yet? In it you get interviews, comics, strategies, field reports and more! So Sign Up Today!......We are always adding and improving to BGN everyday to make this site the best it can be for our viewers, please let everyone know about BGN to help this site be even better! You see on the field!!!!

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Welcome to BGN...




Even more changes up ahead.....


HGL   Aim:WarMach2002

The site is getting bigger and bigger each day! I am making so many changes to the site. First of all, Quick Navigation has been upgraded to include The Guestbook and Poll. And at the very top of the page you see a small bar. The Middle is a News Ticker Marquee which can give you bits of information that you might want to know about. On the left hand side will show when we have updated, and on the right hand side is Copyright Info a Site Map and a Contact Us page. I am removing the updates page and moving updates into the main page. Yes I know this will decrease the site's loading time slightly by a few K, maybe 2-4 extra depending on size. But you probably wont feel much of a difference. I am also adding new things on the side bar to the left. History of Battlefield will be a new section of the site that will be added and updated later on. It might take a week or less. Because there is lots of information that I have to dig up to make the new section. I am also going to be linking to Pinky's AIM Contact list so that you guys can find players easier. Don't expect all this to be done for a few days. I still have to add all the new changes to every page in the site. So if one page looks different than another one with parts of it that were on the main page, that's the reason. As you have heard, JoeBeta's BF Magazine will soon be closing down, I am going to talk to Joe and hopefully we can work something out to where I can preserve the pages and keep the interviews going with our Newsletter. Well that's all for now, c ya'll tommorow!


New Issue Sent Chat and Poll added and a New Staff Member joins BGN.....



The new BGN issue has been sent out, I hope you guys liked it, expect to seen the next Issue, Issue 6 by next Saturday or Sunday. I have added the chat and a poll for BGN, I hope you all use it, vote on the poll its an interesting question. A new staff member has joined BGN! ****Drum Roll**** his name is TreMuk and he only recently started playing Battlefield. He will be honing his Webpage Design Talents to helping BGN become a better site. He will be able to add more features to BGN and will help speed update time. So if you see TreMuk start to updating pages instead of me, DON'T BE ALARMED! =) I'll still be here though, so don't worry  ; )


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