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Strategy Guide

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Keys for a Great Elevator System:

1. Always place eight cars in each elevator shaft. Place cars every 4 floors.
2. Build at least three elevators between floors 1 and 29, three more from floors 29 to 59, 59 to 90, and then at least 2 more elevators between floors 91 to 100.
3. At least 6 Express elevators are nessecary for a 100 story tower. Be sure yours stop at all basement floors.
4. REMEMBER: Build ABSOLUTELY nothing except sky lobbies on floors 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90. Also, you sky lobbies should cover the ENTIRE floor. If this is not done properly, your Sims will become confused, stumbling around. (They're not very smart...)
5. Also keep in mind that Sims will only switch elevators once in their travel through your tower. If they have to switch more than that, they'll never get there!

Basic Tips for a Great Tower:

-Build a security office directly below or above each lobby/ skylobby and in the basement for the best security coverage.
-You need only ONE medical center, place it on B1, directly below the ground lobby.
-Build 2/3 story lobbies (see Cheats#lobbies). These large lobbies are said to decrease the stress of your residents.
-Make sure all your rooms are clean. If not you'll end up in cockroach city! Build housekeeping centers and make sure they are connected to your rooms by service elevators.
-Build at least one parking space for every hotel suite and one for every four offices (once you achieve a three-star rating that is)
-Again, build skylobbies every 15 floors. (15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90)
-Group facilities in blocks. For example, build offices next to offices and condos with condos, etc.
-If you mix condos or hotel rooms with other types of facilities, give adequate spacing between them otherwise the hotel rooms will complain of noisy neighbors! (The SimTower manual suggests 120 pixels for hotels, 240 for condos)
-Never sell a condo for $40,000, this will become a pain later.
-Make hotel suites easily accessible so your VIP stay will be as pleasurable as possible.

Note:  This information was not "ripped" from Peter's Place (just so Pete knows).