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Below we have listed some of the better SimTower sites on the 'net, which you can click on and check out.  Next to each site is our rating for it: Five s is considered perfect, but that's rare; four is also very good.  One ... well they had enough to make the list.  We hope to soon add to this site, but right now it is pretty small, sorry!   Enjoy and thanks for visiting us!

Site Rating:   

    Site Name and Description:


1.  McLure's SimTower Stuff - provides tips, cheats, images, towers, and links - well done, has music!


2.  Uval and Harel's Unofficial SimTower Page - gives tips, limitations on building, and links to other sites.
TowerClipHalf.jpg (572 bytes)  3.  Mart's SimTower Fan Site - has "cheats, trainers, saved games and Creations"
TowerClipHalf.jpg (572 bytes)  4.  SimTower Cheats & Tips - provides a list of cheats, tips, and FAQs about SimTower.