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Quick Links:

SimTower at the Max!   SimTower - Fast Food Bug
Double Starting Funds   2/3 Story Ground Lobby
Unlimited Money/Power   Guaranteed Treasure!
Incredible Stairs/Elevators   Sweet Demolition!

Double Starting Funds:

1. Begin a new tower.
2. Before you do ANYTHING, place a lobby section in the lowest left-hand corner of your screen.
3. You wont have a lobby below ground, but your starting funds will have doubled to 4,000,000

2 and 3 Story Ground Lobby:

1. As you place the first section of lobby at the ground level, hold down SHIFT for a 2-story and SHIFT+CTRL for a 3-story lobby.
NOTE: This trick only works on the GROUND lobby, you can not use it for any skylobbies.

Unlimited Money and Power in your Tower!

1. Save a copy of your tower file just in case you make a mistake. Save the file to the C drive in the root directory (C:\)
2. Close your city and go to the DOS prompt.
3. Type the following commands below, pressing enter after each line:


  tower.tdt (replacing "tower" with the name of your tower)

  e 100 00 24 ** 00 85 FF FF 00 (replace "**" with the number of stars you would like to have for your tower.  Type 01 for one star and 06 for a tower rating.



4. Exit DOS and load your tower. If things go well you should have loads of money and the star rating of your choice.

Always Find Treasure:

After building your ground lobby, build an elevator at the center of your lobby (don't have to be exact). Next, drag the elevator to B3. Then build a fast food shop on either side of the elevator. You will surely find treasure!

Want incredible Stairs/Elevators?

First, build a 2/3 story lobby. (See Above) Fill the floor above your lobby (3/4) with commercial buildings (i.e. fast food, offices, etc). When you reach a three star rating, you can build both stairs and escalators but before that you can only build stairs.

Sweet Demolition!

When you bulldoze another facility, don't just bulldoze it, replace it!
1. Select the facility that you wish to add and make sure you know where to put it.
2. Move the outline of the facility to the place where you want to put it as you normally would.
3. Then, while clicking to place it, hold SHIFT. The old facility will vanish and the new will appear where you placed it!

SimTower at the Max!

Unfortunately, your building is limited!  Here are the maximum numbers of different kinds of facilities that you can have in your tower:

SimTower - Fast food Bug

    There is a small bug in the Fast Food shops within SimTower which allows for a quick population increase.  We noticed that when you build a fast food place, your tower's population will usually increase by about 10 people.  However, if you demolish that facility, your population will not drop.   Also, when we built several fast food facilities and the population went up about twice what was expected, more than 10 people per shop.  After demolishing these and letting the towers run for several virtual days without change, the population remained the same.  This is a quick and easy way to gain population but it will get costly to build very many fast food joints.

Note:  This information was not "ripped" from Peter's Place (just so Pete knows).