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The following is our list of SimTowers that are here for download!  These are some of the best towers that we could find on the 'net or create for you.  On the left we give our rating for each tower - Five s would be considered perfect (you'll probably never find one) but four is also very good.  One ... well they had enough to make the list.  We hope to provide more to choose from soon!  Thanks!   Hope you enjoy these!

(You will need a decompression utility to view these files, as they have been compressed to save space.  Try WinZip, which you can find here!)

   Our Rating:    Tower Name:    Stats:    Description:

TowerClipHalf.jpg (572 bytes)   

Calar Tower

Money: $51,000,000

Population: 16,100

Game Rating: Tower

Game Time (simulation): 83 Years

Creator: David Worsley

Almost completely offices, but has some hotels on the sides.  Well done: all needs met.


H. Poirot


Money: $900,000

Population: 17,100

Game Rating: 5-Star

Game Time (simulation): 9 Years

Creators: Peter & Gloria McLure

Lots of condos, offices, and hotel rooms.  Good design:  All needs met in a short time - 9 years!

TowerClipHalf.jpg (572 bytes)  



Money: $54,000,000

Population: 30,000

Game Rating: 5-Star

Game Time (simulation): 11 Years

Creators: Peter & Gloria McLure

This tower has been created with a variety of things including offices, hotel rooms, and condos.  Nicely designed.




Money: $1,600,000,000

Population: 3300

Game Rating: Tower

Game Time (simulation): 1 years

Creator: D. Balharrie

An interesting tower with 14 theatres and many hotel rooms - obviously cheated like crazy!

No Rating  

Nice Start


Money: $4,000,000

Population: 0

Game Rating: 1-Star

Game Time (simulation): > 1 Year

Creator: ZealGames

Not a true tower yet, Nice Start is a great way to begin a game - maximum money!  If you like to cheat, don't bother - we've already done it for you in this tower!  Doubled starting money, treasure found, triple lobby!




Money: $78,000,000

Population: 30,100

Game Rating: Tower

Game Time (simulation): 14 Years

Creators: Peter & Gloria McLure

As its name implies, it is composed mainly of offices, but has a few hotel rooms.  Very nicely designed and exceptionally done considering the time, rating, and population!


Paul Tower


Money: $93,600,000

Population: 15,400

Game Rating: 5-Star

Game Time (simulation): 13 Years

Creator: Paul LS Mack

Almost entirely composed of offices as well!   This nicely designed tower does have a few hotel rooms too.


PM Grand


Money: $10,000,000

Population: 16,600

Game Rating: 5-Star

Game Time (simulation): 6 Years

Creators: Peter & Gloria McLure

Founded on condos, this tower rises through the sky with alternating floors of offices, condos, and hotel rooms.


Quadat 2


Money: $720,000,000

Population: 35,000

Game Rating: Tower

Game Time (simulation): 15 Years

Creator: Alain Roy

A huge tower!  Almost fills the entire screen and is loaded with money!  Made of mostly offices, hotel rooms, and fast food.   Excellent!


Sim Empire


Money: $290,000,000

Population: 20,100

Game Rating: Tower

Game Time (simulation): 14 Years

Creator: Tan Tsein Meng

Quite the money-maker!  This tower has everything from a bunch of hotel suites to condos!

TowerClipHalf.jpg (572 bytes)  

Thin Office


Money: $130,000

Population: 4400

Game Rating: 3-Star

Game Time (simulation): 73 Years

Creator: ZealGames

Completely offices in the tightest possible space going straight up!  All needs well met, great elevator system, nicely designed.

TowerClipHalf.jpg (572 bytes)  



Money: $1,500,000,000

Population: 16,000

Game Rating: Tower

Game Time (simulation): 4 Years

Creator: Unknown

Mainly composed of offices again, with a few hotel rooms and a cathedral built on a soaring empty section of tower.