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5:08:02- Welcome

Getting your cards is a simple process. Simply pick which ones you want from the text document below. You must be a member in order to receive cards. Also, you may pick as many cards as you want as long as you limit your deck to 75 cards when playing.

Card List

Now send Starman an email with an ordered list of which cards you want. Be sure you do not go over your Cardpoint limit. If you do, you must pick again. There may be a waiting period upwards of a week unless further notified. When the process is complete, I will direct you to a personal website page containing your new deck! You must have WinZip and Paintbrush for the process to work. Simply unzip the card, and open paintbrush. The cards will be in spreadsheets for easier cutting and printing. I highly suggest using cardstock when you print. After being cut, you're all set. Although this process seems tiring, it is worth it for the fun. I would assume that noone would want to pay $5 for this product on shipping, when you could do it yourself. (By the way, I'm not doing it for you.) Hope this cardgame is as fun as I think it is. Be sure to tell us at MMCGW what you think of it.
Getting Started
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