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5:08:02- Welcome

Rules of reference:
You want better cards? You got 'em! You want more cards? Sure! Our goal at MMCGW is to spread the word about the Megaman Cardgame. You helping us would mean a great deal. So, the more people you refer, the more Cardpoints you get! Some cool stuff like elite level cards and custom made cards will become available to you as you refer more people. Here's how the process works. Show the cards you download and print off this site to your friends who you think might be interested. If they seem intrigued by this cardgame, refer them to this website. If they send me a request email with your member name as a referral, you get more points! In order to prevent cheating, the email address that is sent must be different than any member's personal email address. NO EXCEPTIONS. Secondly, they must have your MEMBER name stated that you referred them. If they said Billy referred me, but I only have your member name, exactly what good would that do? Also, why would we even care if you make unbeatable decks? Well, for one, people can get easily frustrated by always losing, thus they may lose interest in the cardgame. This is definately not what we want. So, in order for you to advance in cardgame, you must let others join in. If you have any further questions about referrals, mail to me on the right side of the page.

Getting Started
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