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5:08:02- Welcome

Joining up is a very simple process. In order to prevent people from having unbeatable decks, you only start out with only 90 Cardpoints. Cardpoints are points that you can exchange to get cards. Common cards are 1 point each, rare cards are 2 points each, and elite cards are 5 points each. You can't even get elite cards unless you are a top member. If you want to find out about getting more Cardpoints, go over to our Referrals section.

Getting started:
First off, email me that you wish to join. Include a member name you wish to have. If you have been referred, please include the person's member name. If you do not give a referral name, then the member who told you about this site will have been denied Cardpoints. The honor system is a must here. After emailing me, you will receive further instructions on receiving your cards. Decks are completely customizable, and require 75 cards. You can get more of one card if you would like. That's it! Hope this cardgame will bring you and your friends much fun.

Getting Started
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