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~ Tomes ~

Kaivatia directs your attention towards a massive iron bound oaken table and says, "These tomes are to remain here within the Keep. Feel free to stay as long as you wish and come and go as you please.

On your way out you notice a stack of plainly wrapped packages. A closer look reveals tiny glowing runes which clearly indicate that the items within may only be read and used outside of the Keep!

  • Herb Guide
    A handy little gadget I found that pretty well covers all the various injuries and the differing substances of Wehnimer's Landing, Icemule Trace & Teras Isle that heal them. It even shows the cost of each substance!

  • BloodSnake's Ultimate Imbedding Guide for Sorcerers
    This be about the best guide on Magic Item Creation (spell #420) that I have come across. Thank ye most kindly Lady BloodSnake!

  • Amerlise's Guide to Elanthian Wildlife
    Just got back from a nice visit within Amerlise's Chambers. She has so many wonderous things to aid one in their Elanthian life & journeys!

  • Slippery Trail Scripts
    A couple of scripts I made for traveling the slippery Icemule/Landing Trail. Having allowed pauses at the icier patches and tried them both several times, ye should still have a map or know the way. Please read the note within the folder for further details.

  • Growing Pains
    This be directly from GM Warden regarding plans for many potential changes to be affecting our lands

  • Sorcery Notes
    A few notes I compiled during my last quite lengthy visit to the Sorcery Boards... Includes Unoffical spell list - By GS3-KYALIA@PLAY.NET (02/25/00) and SIMUCON-99 SORCERY SEMINAR NOTES By Romulus Conundrum Guru of Sorcery, the Arcane Art