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~ Great Room ~

An enormous stone hearth spans the entire north wall of this room. You notice that the blackened brew pot hanging above the fire is the much welcomed source of pleasant aromatic steam which fills the air. Outside snowbanks brightly reflect the moonlight pouring through the small window off to your right. A burning candle sits atop a sturdy work table, further illuminating this well lit corner of the room. The light dances on a mystical looking chart hanging opposite the window. And the dark walnut bookcase to the right of it appears to be a catch-all, holding tomes, various jars, and containers. Given the magical content of this area, it is no small wonder that Kaivatia's rune covered sword and shield look hardly used.You also see a shimmering rainbow wyvern.
Also in the room: Kaivatia who is sitting
Obvious exits: none

"Well now, I see you are thirsty for knowledge. Although I am but a young sorceress myself, my ancestor left her journal to me and I have been working on editing it for some time now. Tis nae ready as yet, but shall be soon. In the meantime we have a couple of tomes I study."

Kaivatia gestures and utters a phrase of magic.
With a quick blinding flash, a mystical sphere swirls before you!

Step thru to the Tomes with Kaivatia!

Kaivatia reaches out and tenderly clasps your hand.
"Let us take my favorite path, shall we?"
"We musn't tarry now, lesson number one... spells don't last forever!"