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Newest review for: The Bitter Suite

5th Season Episodes
  • Animal Attraction by Jennifer
  • Fallen Angel by Steph

    4th Season Episodes

  • Adventures in the Sin Trade by Jennifer
  • Between the Lines by Crz Xena
  • In Sickness and in Hell by Dorothy B.
  • Past Imperfect by Jennifer

    3rd Season Episodes

  • Fins, Femmes & Gems by Veridiana
  • Forget Me Not by Natina
  • Maternal Instincts by Madeline
  • One Against an Army by Veridiana
  • The Bitter Suite by Madeline
  • Tsunami by Veridiana
  • 2nd Season Episodes
  • A Necessary Evil by Montero
  • Comedy of Eros by Montero
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Steph
  • Return of Callisto by Daniee
  • The Price by Ceceil
  • The Xena Scrolls by Montero

    1st Season Episodes

  • Callisto by Montero
  • Hooves & Harlots by Montero
  • Sins of the Past by Steph
  • The Greater Good by Montero

  • The Writers
    Here are the people who made this section of my website come true.
    And for that I'm very grateful to them! :)

    Crz Xena,


    Dorothy B.,