SCIENCE & CREATIONISM


                                     BASIC OBSERVATIONS








     When the subject of Creationism comes up, you 
can be sure of two things. Those who believe in 
Creationism will never change their mind and the 
those who believe otherwise will never change their
minds. So, in the battle between the two sides over
whether Creationism will be taught in the schools as
science or religion, facts will have nothing to do 
with the decision. It comes down to one thing. The side 
that has the most power at the time will prevail.
     Genesis and the story of Adam & Eve represents just 
one of innumerable creation myths which different peoples 
at different times have invented in order to account for the 
manner in which Earth and everything on it came to be.
     My view, which is shared by most on the scientific 
side, is that every one should be allowed to believe 
what ever they wish. AS LONG AS THEY DON'T FORCE 
     And that is where the problem lies. Most 
fundamentalists won't accept any other view and 
insist that everyone accept their view. This is an 
even bigger problem when they insist on having it 
taught in the schools as a science. Creationism is 
not a science, it is a Religious Belief.
     For someone who believes in the scientific approach, 
the answer is simple. A scientist does not believe in 
fundamental and absolute certainties. For the scientist, 
certainty is never an end, but a search.
     A scientist is characterized neither by a willingness 
to believe or a willingness to disbelieve, or a desire to 
prove or disprove anything. A scientist wants to discover 
what is. He does it by observation, experiment, 
verification and falsification. The scientist expects that 
others will check his findings. Only then can his findings 
be verified.
    A fundamentalists takes things on faith, and expects 
you to do likewise. His proof cannot be verified and is 
often made up of half-truths. They cannot accept any 
dissenting view or findings.
     A point of fact that we all need to remember. 
 Tyranny almost always springs from a fanatical faith 
in the absoluteness of ones belief. As I write this, the 
news is full of radical Muslims who are blowing up buses, 
business's, etc. They blew up the twin trade centers 
in New York. Fanatical faith in anything is dangerous.