This site came about when I thought I wanted to do a blog, 
you know, one of those personal web logs things. But then I 
went out and looked at a few. I couldn't care less what 
someone else ate for breakfast or how cute their cat is 
and I'm sure you couldn't care less about what I had for
breakfast.  And since I don't have any pets to talk about 
and I'm not about to tell a bunch of strangers my innermost 
secrets, skip the blog idea. 
Instead I will put some of my comments and opinions I have 
on current affairs, politics and life in general. Also, if you've 
looked at some of the other pages on this site, you'll see I 
have a lot of jokes posted. After observing this world of ours 
for the last 64 years I find that life in general is one big joke.
 Below is my first comment. I will add more when the mood
hits me. I'll keep them short, a paragraph or two. If it takes
more space, then I'll add it to my "ESSAY" section. You might
want to take a look there also. It's comments, but in a much
expanded format. Hope I can give you a few things to think
             THE ANGRY OLD MAN
April 1, 2004
With all the 30 sec. political commercials we are facing in the
coming months I would like to see the media put together a 
"truth squad". Made up of 'unbiased' reporters and analyst, they
would check each claim made by a politician and then report to
us the validity or the misrepresentation of that claim.
If nothing else, the threat and fear of being exposed as a liar or
of stretching the truth may just keep them honest. It's doubtful,
but we can hope.