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What this is, is a bunch of comments, views and opinions that I have on a variety of subjects. I'll start with two of my favorite subjects, Religion and Extraterrestrial Visits.

Why are these my favorite subjects. Simple, no matter how much you argue, how much you research, how sure you are of your data, it's all just speculation. No one really knows the truth about either subject. (some in the government knows the truth about the extraterrestrial visits, they just aren't telling us) Many claim they know the truth, they may even believe that they do. But in reality, it's all speculative. And I love to speculate, and argue.

This will be an ongoing project, with me adding material  as time passes. Some of the newer additions may conflict with earlier comments as my opinions and knowledge change. I'm just like everyone else, I make mistakes, I don't know all the facts and never will. I can only base my opinions on what I know. But one rule I have always tried to follow is: NEVER ACCEPT ANYTHING AS THE FINAL WORD. That applies to anything you find here also.

Below is the links to and a brief explanation of the various pages in the ESSAY section. I would suggest you start with the link to 'MY VIEWS AND THOUGHTS' and then go from there.

VIEWS & THOUGHT... this points out some of my basic feelings & views on religion and why I feel that way. It will give you a feel for the expanded views on the other pages.

RELIGION IN SCHOOLS... some observations and comments on the subject of schools and the controversy of religion in schools.

SCIENCE & CREATIONISM... some of my views and comments on the drive to force schools to teach creationism as a science.

A SUPREME BEING... this is a copy of a paper I wrote in college

EXTRATERRESTRIAL VISITATION... a copy of another paper I wrote in college which takes a look at the hypothesis of earth having been visited by extraterrestrials.

IN RESPONSE... this is a brief response I wrote to a friend who had given me a religious tract titled "WHAT ABOUT THE BIBLE". short but raises some concerns I have.

WHAT IS EDUCATION... some observations & comments on education, intelligence and learning. this is a collection of quotes and comments by others, but reflect my feelings on the subjects.

EIGHTH GRADE EDUCATION... a reprint of a test given to eighth graders in the year 1895. it clearly illustrates my contention that we have been dummying down the education system for years.

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