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Yes, I'm an angry old man.

 I'm angry about the seemly universal incompetence and greed of our national leaders, both in business and government. I share the consequences, with thousands of other American workers, of this incompetence and greed. We've lost our jobs, our pensions and tragically our health care while those responsible continue to live the good life. While my losses pale in comparison to those who put their faith in such business's as Enron, the effects are the same. We face a diminishing lifestyle.

I'm angry about our young men dying daily in a country we shouldn't be in. But we are, and despite the lofty speeches and patriotic flag waving, the core reason we are there is to make a select group richer.

I'm angry about the mess we are making of this planet. We pollute, we maim, and we destroy. Our water is becoming unfit to drink and our air unfit to breath. We are displacing trees and green space with concrete and waste.  And why? Once again, to make a select few richer.

There's more, but I think you get the picture.

But unlike those who vent their anger by shooting someone, blowing up a building or sending poisonous substances thru the mail, I vent my anger here, by expressing it and sharing it. I had a psychologist friend once tell me that his most important tool was listening. Well, you are my psychologist. If you have any comments about anything I have on this site, don't hesitate to make them know. If you agree with any of it, or even if you don't, tell your friends to take a look.   

Now, a little about myself. I was born in 1939, which makes me an old man of 65. I have a BA from a state university, and proud of my service with the US Navy Submarine Service (pre-nuclear). I spent over 40 years as a blue collar worker, mostly as a machinist. I've been married for nearly 40 years, two sons and three grandsons. My hobbies are fishing and riding my 20 year old Honda Gold Wing.

I live in the Midwest with all the tornadoes. I like it here. I've traveled to almost every state and haven't found anyplace I would rather live.  The weather here is good, sometimes a tornado gets a little close,  the people are friendly and lots of good roads to ride my Gold Wing on. And the fishing is great. What more could an old man want.

If you are interested in humor, then click on HUMOR and enjoy. If you want to see what some of my 'editorial' opinions are, click on ESSAY. For my comments on current affairs, and what I hope will be an educated comment, click on COMMENTS.

Thank You.



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