Spring 2008
Vol. 16 No. 1

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Reflections from the President

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GINLC Education Committee Report

Stewardship Notes

Land Acquisition

Nature Area Season Planned

Nature Area Clean Up

2007 GI Conservationist of the Year Award

Doug Thiel Honored for Service

Annual Meeting

Arbor Day

Conservancy Awarded Pond Restoration Grant

2007 Christmas Bird Count

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Upcoming Events...

May 3
Nature Area Opening Day

10AM to 2PM

April 19
Island Clean Up
Call Jake Atkins
(734) 676-5536
for meeting site

April 19 & 26
Nature Area Clean Up

9:00AM to Noon
Nature Area

April 20
Earth Day

Centinnial Farm
1PM to 4PM

May 10
Arbor Day
Tree Planting Seminar

10AM to 11AM
Centennial Farm
Register - 675-2364
(Rec. Department)
No Fee

May 14
BASF Presentation
Riverview Project

Township Hall


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2007 Conservationist of the Year


Fred Pepper earned the 2007 Conservationist of the Year award for his dedication and outstanding contributions to the preservation and stewardship of natural resources on Grosse lie and the surrounding area. Attracted to Grosse Ile by the open spaces and community support for land conservation, Fred moved here seven years ago. As chair of the Stewardship Committee, he organized numerous work groups to clean up Conservancy properties. Last spring he planned an ambitious tree planting program on our Thoroughfare Canal property and personally tended to them through the hot and dry summer months, leaving them only for a short honey­moon trip, but not without first assuring the trees would be well cared for in his absence. Fred has conducted a ruthless fight against invasive species, from the phragmites on the BASF-donated property, to the vines choking trees on the Coleman lot, all while keeping a keen eye on the other conservancy properties. He has been personally vigilant in keeping plastic bags from collecting at one of our properties near Macomb. With his special fear-provoking enforcement technique, perfected in his earlier days as a school principal, Fred was also able to get quick action from a Conservancy neighbor or two who had left piles of trash on our proper­ties. All in all, Fred's efforts have been so commendable it was only fitting to honor him with the 2007 Conservationist of the Year award at the annual meeting.