Life is a Glorious Cycle of Song

The observant and literate among you may notice my love of Dorothy Parker. This is she:

The rest of my site is set out below. I don't really have much to say, but I've got a few rants you might like. Or dislike. You can argue the toss with me if you want, but please don't be like the drunkard and accost me for a long political discussion when I'm on my way to the loo. That sort of behaviour is just unnecessary. In fact, it would be safer if you would simply drop my inbox a line: deaths UNDERSCORE goldfish AT hotmail DOT com.

Last updated: 19th May 2003 - Rant about the local election results here.

Here are some things I support. Doubtless more banners will get added eventually:

Most recent Googlebomb: What's a Jew? Not what the first link on Google seems to think. Jew

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"But if you see me walking down the street at night... don't stop, mister. Just don't stop."
There's not enough black in the Union Jack, as the Manic Street Preachers once said
I'm not a feminist. Oh, wait, I am a feminist.
The Correct Usage of the Apostrophe
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