Saturday, August 31, 2002
something is wrong with JosArvinMebViv. i cant believe this. its about the open forum with friends. i hope its ok. i cant concentrate right how.
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friday was pretty good. after an open forum, which was an eye opener for me and as well as viv, meb and jos. (more on that later) i had to meet hosai to start os. sherwin explained some stuff and yeah. we went to the snow party at the union uni. it started out as dead and turned out to be so much fun. viv left early and sherwin danced, but meb jos and i full on danced, there was fake snow and we started the party as in the first dancers, kinda embarrassing but it was worth it. meb requested r'n'b and the rest was cool !!! it was really great

went to shops today, wanted to go out and do stuff, couldnt be bothered starting uni work so came with them to look for my (senior high school formal) sisters' dress, but she is deciding to get it made. my brother (junior high school formal) wants pin strip and will not not borrow. ok

yeah watching tv and here is a question ....will you change your beliefs to the person's you inted to marry? i wouldnt....but if u really love them?....i still wouldnt.....

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Thursday, August 29, 2002
could i get any boreder *sitting here waiting for hosai to do os *jvm went to penrith.....just them.. *they have a chance to vent out their hatred towards me *where is hosai? *my mini-radio battery ran out and cant hear music *still waiting *wanna eat something yummy - cant *nice bed to sleep in - cant *song i like right now playing - cant *finished all my assesments - cant *ummm :(

dfjdkfghfbhdsfjhgk jdjhewbfesaj di4uyhrvre uyhervndsjkfh!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4895tu08wefh23 5ojhoevuwe09r7 832409tds jvc04............ ....95rnasijdk lwe57njv4 4t 834t4ewr9????....34v 84t89345u34b reiotj................3q89tn geirnjhtn 8b5tdvhdsiru4 oifji.............odsfue40965 fldkbvj;ifod...........sgju e b9regnr eitbret fgiowetu ifgnerpiotuy45 fdgj iowretju0[retit 0r9eig0- 6905vjrodit3'9 igdvjs;ietj 493. eirgurddsfiof1.................

ok i can i will :)
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i think i know whats bothering me all week. i feel like i always need to remember something and do something or i forgot something or i need to do something, i feel like im just floating wherever the wind blows me and i dont know where i am going and what i need to do. i think its my entality. i have not done one bit of work for the whole semester and thats what i need to do. i realize that i keep saying i need to do it but i keep going sidetrack. i need to get back on the pen and paper and the books and notes.

its true what they say, u cant really help anyone unless you have helped yourself. its different. its like a blind leading the blind. i try to help but it seems that it doesnt work coz i dont know that i need help myself. now im feeling better, i know that this is what i need to do now. work my ass off ti'll the end of the sem. got it.

weird i realized it not when i was i talking or thinking but when i was still and quite. im not sure. still i went all blank and there it was. and now i feel like i need to sleep. lotsa work ahead for me. 5 subjects (2 core and 3 electives)

so happy that jos brought os stuff today. made me breathe a bit more.

things work out for the best...i think so...thats how God planned it.
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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

prose: is stopped. there is no point...its so planned and your views change and blog i do that already.

memory lane: i will start writing things things from my past. since i threw my highschool diary and jos made me realize how i shoudnt over it

there is so much on my mind and i cant believe my headache yesterday while learning photoshop with amlee and jos and meb (viv went home....write a letter...not sure) was cool though...we learned frome ach other and its good to end up having more!!!!!

i have so much to say but my head is like so blank right now...

chatted with meb and bec.....a few days ago and it was nice.....i wanna rememebr those times

i had so many thoughts and now i seem to forget all of them.... ihave 4 people trying to chat with me (kathy, mickey, bec and hosai) ......all people in my list and its so hard to write this blog and reply to all of them....

i dont like stuff being due.......stresses me....

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everything is going so fast. thats good coz that means you are having fun! its week 4 already and work and asessments are starting...i havent been online at home and thats where i ussually blog, but i should try and do some more at uni. but there is always something that is happening. ok. gonna go see a class.
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Sunday, August 25, 2002
im thinking i sound like a prune..yes maybe i'll buy a few bottles, but i will be there, you know those breezers...and few shots but i say when to stop. ok thats still in progress. not so sure now.

last night started ok, then more people came, friend of a friend thing and people drinking, smoking, making out, screaming and laughing loudly at the backyard and the toilets. my mum was pissed, and said some stuff. it was finished by 11pm. it was bad, and the rest of the night they just watched a movie at the lounge quitely ti'll 4

who were these people. now my mum completely find the dance group a bad influence, this girl couldnt walk shes too drunk, this guy nearly wet bro puke and was kinda drunk, this is all unbelievable. shit was stepped on and walked around the house and backyard. i had to help clean this morning i felt disgusted and my neighbours basically made me feel so bad when he complained. it was bad, mum said this is the last time, my brother said its the best time. my dad tried...of course they got in trouble......this guy slept over. kevins friend. i dont like it, i feel like i cant move and my cousin was ......what was she doing.....

all last night from 7 to 1 i was at my parents room so bored watching then telle....amazing race was on and it was awesome

today is my bros birthday and im like.....happy birthday....what did u do last was bad.....and i had to clean the backyard......urghhhhh.
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Saturday, August 24, 2002
new page! ok, ive been playing with photoshop and html for graphics and page layout/design and i cant seem to make it right.....practice makes perfect. yeah so there is more to come. i like doing this! btw look at jos's new page too! weekend is good, yesterday i cant believe we missed the tutorial. today my bros b-day party and basically just his friends thing and no imnot going to buy alcohol, he is only 16 and i dont want anything to happen, why do they want to grow up so fast? anyways happy birthday bro!
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Thursday, August 22, 2002
tuesday was unbealievable, after a lecture and tutorial for a subject called ummm...something like History Psychology and Philosophy...i has driven and felt that i have so much to say and learn. debates, reasoning and pondering. i love it. but i will not do the subject alone. its ok, im still so engulfed with the desire to learn and be heard. its like one of those things that are clear that i was meant to be in that room. the whole prose and blog, that class made me realise so much more. the other side. reinforced some things i knew all along.

wednesday, we meet jos's cousin. romyl....omg was he good or what, he had been through a lot and learned a lot and on the way and he said them to us. he didnt say his life story, he just talked about life lessons, the conversations was not forced it was so natural, we all spoke and we all shared what we know too. i did not expect that conversation ever. havent had that kinda full bombardment of discussion, ive had those with which you learn one or 2, but this guys keeps coming more, until the canteen had to close. i was so captivated with the words and the wisdom. its like watching oprah, or at church, or a friend/family or experience and self realisation etc....that taugt you something (please, im not comparing them as equals), he was going on all over, so many. i was like, wow. ur so wise. some of the ideas i already know, some are new and i was at the verge of knowing them soon but others were like i have no idea. he learned from books, experience, people. that was great, 2 hours talking at the cafe. omg. after that we parted and we coudnt stop thinking about it (me, jos and amali - everyone else should have been there totally) life. friends. success. people. friends. etc. now i have to remember some of many life lessons in a short amount, he was so good.

i had to go home early yesterday...stomach ache....although i wanted to stay back since i didnt come to uni today. this morning i woke up hearing some crap from my bro in a phone with a girl. it sounded so yukk/shallow. slept till 9 and finished all around chores and stuff around 11. i'll bludge the whole day, class tommorow. decide my final 5 subjects then start studying next week...i wanna get my GPA

tae-bo. i like...keeps me so happy im back to exercising. makes so much difference!

did a quiz again...

arvin, your true talent is spatial ability
This ability to visualize objects in three-dimensional space can give you a unique view of the world. You appear to understand how figures can be manipulated and take on new forms. Because of this talent, you can probably imagine new designs easily, including anything from floor plans to page layouts and even 3D product prototypes.
People like you are usually great when it comes to putting together assemble-it-yourself furniture or other household items whether the items arrive with instructions or not. Your spatial skills can also help you understand the finer points of how things work.
Did you know?
People who have strong spatial ability typically possess the unusual skill of being able to visualize objects three-dimensionally.

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Monday, August 19, 2002
here all alone at the uni. yes all alone, weird walking and sitting around by urself and not saying much since i talk quite a bit. anyways, info sec and ai, this is my second time doing these subject and im quite ok for now. ok let me surf. i'll do the labs later even though i should do them now. i guess i'll be going home early, happy that i actually i cleaned up before i came to uni. i'll just chill when i get home.
nb: sisters last hsc trial exams today....she can now sleep
nb: brother used my past layout for his assignment....and he said he was better in photoshop
nb: is the time posted right?

did a quiz:
funny ad
Single moronic male, 11' tall, 35 lbs, in search of single/divorced delightful female. I like to jump, take long keyboards by the home, or just watch with a good lock. If you enjoy waiting, sitting or going out for bag, then this could be the campus you're looking for.

funny eh? well maybe not that much....surfed and i had to delete people from my links coz they are gone/ i added new ones. they are pretty cool. i get to read about them, maybe learn stuff and get ideas and what not...ok.....gonna go home....might drop in the shops to buy some stuff..later!

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i was chatting with friends last night and my aunt called. so i had to go and it was about my grandmother. they called back my aunt and i cant hear anything. after a long pause and me just staring at nowhere, i can think i decided to write. i am feeling really bad, i feel so sad. i dont want to hear what they are going to tell me. all i heard was that my grandmother is weak. thats the same line they said before my grandfather died. please god, dont let this be. lola i love you so much. its ok. i can hear some thing. i think its going to be fine. thank god.

well now we have the full story. my gran fell somewhere and she cant stand properly and they needed a doctor/masues and they made it sound like she was dying. why do they do that, the families here in australia were calling each other and phils and finally its clear. i was stressed and scared. praying lola is fine.
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Saturday, August 17, 2002
flirt call : why do people call and basically throw themself to someone else. yes they are flirting and yes they are determined but isnt that a bit out of bounds. why dont you just write a letter. you know pen paper, better than that lets go for lunch. dont call and disturb me, i might be doing something important and dont need shallow talk. i am not saying, dont call me period, emergencies are of course is fine and the occasional hello from family/friends is nice.
if i dont know you and your trying to know me, dont use the phone, first i dont know you and second i cant see you. im not saying look matters, i want to know the expression in your face when u say the things you say. and with this chatting to a complete stranger is kinda weird. email me first. ok u must think, whats my probelm. who do u think you are. im me and this is what i like. im not snob, well i think im not. i like to flirt..when i have time. but please know when ur being annoying and an inconvinience, write to me and you will definetely get a reply. call and i wont be home.
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hey all!
still couldnt figure out what our backup subject is going to be im really worried coz its week 3 next week and we are still not settled. it will work out.
i wrote my first prose here if you wanna read....its pretty cool
yes, i had to clean. why is it that i always have to be the one that always get to do it. my bro and sis gets away with it. alot. well im not gonna let them getaway, housework needs to be shared and im gonna make sure of that. parents are buying new furnitures....pretty and stone....not glass and wood....
last night i was trying to make another group photo for unifriends and there is not enough pictures...i mean....some people arent there and some dont have the look that i was looking for...or they might not like the that is still in progress.
this afternoon i was trying to make something small, playing around with stuff and i made a new layout/design for the site. yes i did....around 2/3 hours, not much picture stuff, but that i will do in my next design. looking at other pages and their deisng skills are really good. i wanna photoshop now. anyways im gonna wait ti'll next wekend to put it up. i decided that im gonna play more on my site and use that to improve my designs and layouts....its really fun and theraputic. something creative! wanna start putting quotes/poems/art up again.....this thing has given me a really great outlet.
btw.....did you know that "it" is short for "aint it" wellthats what i heard....
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Thursday, August 15, 2002
meb cant get over pulling
viv ran away and didnt tell us
jos found a new love - csi
amali didnt drop animation 2
roya came and left
hos went to -os
sumrah drank wave

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Wednesday, August 14, 2002
i wanna mention that i had a to speak.....i was at the labs with viv and all of a sudden i was thinking about alarms and warning like fire or somethnig and how we would react to it then 10 minutes later the alarm came on, first time ever in my life at uni. it was like wow. and people reaxted funny, everyone was stuck in their computer and smiling when a guy said didnt u hear that we have to vacate the came out and decided to go home and viv wanted to see whats happening. people were waiting outside and the firebrigade came and security guards were running around. so weird....

yesterday, amali, jos, meb and me had a great time at the regatta center. so nice, jumped around, posed, talked, saw, sat, walked and ate at b.k......the weather was so nice, blue sky and kinda windy. then the car talk......

im so pissed right now, im worried about os, it seems hard and i think its different.....and hosai didnt turn up....urghhh.....where is she...hanging out with summmmmyyyy!!!! shes here...still cant believe it...pregnant as can be...omg....well gotta go and talk to her!!!!!.
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Monday, August 12, 2002
arvin, your confidence level is high
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Just like the haloed and winged guardians of good, you truly have a heart of gold, sweet Angel. Whenever there's a chance to pitch in, save the day or just make life easier for the people around you, you're the one for the job.
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Sunday, August 11, 2002
this is really cute and cool!

i was packing my notes from last semester and i feel good. i have completed something. accomplised and succeded. now i just have to do 5 this semester and i will get my degree. i feel really good saying that. my degree!

sunday church this morning and my nose couldnt stop running. i dont blow my nose loudly in public. i was running out of tissues, i actually did. it was bad and annoying and my eyes was tearing up.

the good news was about having full faith in God and when that happens you will be free. i was watching 7th heaven last night and the tv mum said this quote "let go and let God". that is awesome.

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Saturday, August 10, 2002
hey! there is really cool/cute program i found it at a links page (mar)...can be very usefull too.......if u wanna download it....go here!

penta diary
This is penta diary! A japanese program that lets you have your own diary on the computer. It is very cute and compact and starts up with the current date so it could also be used as a date book or something! I reccomend trying it, it's really cute.

btw. how come there is no amazing race tonight???........urghhhhh.....

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Take the What High School
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Take the What Type of Friend are
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find your element

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4:30am i went to sleep and woke up at 10am. see i can stay up.

whats with parents, my parents. why can't i wear sleepers/thongs, they think it looks disgusting. i say who cares. i feet need to breathe and the fact that they think its colder than it usually is and wants us to wear 3 more layers of clothing before we go out. i mean its great that they care, but i feel hot.

parklea markets rocks! discounts, cheaper and its totally worth it. people are friendly and not uptight, not like some bonjoua shops. i got myself new bag that looks really nice, shades of blue and really good and thongs/sleeper that my parents agreed that i can wear out without them saying some remark on how it looks bad, kinda looks wierd coz its shiny leather and im not use to it. sister took a break from studying and decided to shop for summer clothes and my parents exchanged some furniture to a different design and size. my bro stayed home coz he needed to make this cd for a party tonight.

people are moving to new houses right now, mostly at the kellyville area. my dad helps move, family friends thing. im happy with where we live and our house. yeah. why move? home is where the heart is and i say im happy here. and my family is happy and this is our home. maybe they are still looking for theirs, in a 2 story house at a bonjoua area. not my problem.
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for some reason i feel so sleepy, but i dont want to. still wanna do stuff. coz i wont be able to them tomorrow. temtation island just finished and it was not the last episode so thats good! there is still next week. amazing race tomorrow! umm my mind is tuning out. i should just get ready to bed and sleep. i dont know, i wanna stay up a little longer. whats the opposite of insomnia?
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Friday, August 09, 2002
im gonna be changing the pictures as you can see on the i was thinking of doing it and then jos said it and thought i should!!!!!! so just watched out for it!!!!! ok.....ive been tired all week, everytime i get home after uni im kinda beat havent been....thats cool!!!! what else....yes...ok gotta go!
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first week of uni gone already. it was great seeing everyone!!! i definetely missed everyone and hanging out all day with friends. im gonna miss seeing you guys when we graduate. i must admit uni is fun - the hanging out part! and this time beenz isnt here. but sumrah is back.

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Thursday, August 08, 2002

Your magical style is Magus.

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You are a pheonix.

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Monday, August 05, 2002
here with viv and jos. just us 3 at uni...(for the last time of first day of uni) surfing and stuff... mostly blog stuff. i enjoy it. its pretty fun!

didnt end up going to parra do see what japanese with leee and meb....i couldnt call meb to tell them that i cant contact viv who was sleeping and jos who was in the gym....

lok gonna go now and work on our site and chill with friends!
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Sunday, August 04, 2002
i was gonna post last night but after a whole afternoon of trying to figure out how i will use to make my column, i decided to stick with
the dinner was of course yumm but i got a headache and decided to turn in early.
my bro and sis got in trouble again. not for coming home late but watching a movie with the dance group around 2am ti'll 4am. by the time the movie finished they were all asleep. (in our lounge) duh. they were tired and its so late. what made them think that a movie is the way to go.
so today. mum cleaned and laundry, my dad cleaned the car for 3 hours. i formated and installed everything back on and bought viv's present and notebooks coz uni starts again tomorrow (last time that i will go to school/uni for the first day...awww). my bro got sick and slept all day and my sis is studying for hsc trials...
ok trivial stuff there. just wanna sleep after i install the last stuff in this pc. it is running so fast and its all clean. cool.
viv called me this aftenoon but i had to go to church so couldnt really talk. she's bored or something. i dont mind talking when they call me, but i dont call people. just not use to it. but my parents dont like it, they actually forbid it. so i cant talk for long when they see me or hear me. yeah. thats why i dont call. always knew that its a waste of time or something.
i cant believe, uni starts again. whole new adventure! im gonna miss it. not the assingments or tutorials the lectures or work, but the hanging out...seeing and talking to friends. and all the free time i have right now but not much cash. my freedom will be reduce once i start working, less free time but more money. the pros and cons....will it ever balance out?

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Saturday, August 03, 2002
having a junk food day.....chips the ones thats coloured yellow that i use to have during resess and lunch when i was in school. the ones that get stuck in your teeth and its all yellow twisties and cheez curls and cheetos.....forgot how tastely they are. this afternoon, pizza and tonight kfc and filo food using the hands (kamayan) ...yum........ tito ray and his wife tita bernadeth will be having dinner here. u should see the movable portable kithen for the backyard. it looks like an entertainment unit with tiles. looks pretty snazzyyy.

i have to go buy kfc... so bye..... and dont stalk me in the dark.....coz i have to walk.....coz i know its shadow??? my imagination??? my stalker???

oh.... temptation island and amazing race will be on next week....not this week.....cant wait.....

this is pretty cool its dynamic linking thingy....
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arvin, you are Right-brained

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jos has got this brand new spankin page and its pretty awesome! she's funny.

wrote this after listening to complicated - avril l.

turn off your cd player
turn off your television
turn off your computer
turn off your mobile phone

listen to what im saying
for once in your life do something
for someone else
not just for you

get over yourself
life is more than your mirror
get over yourself
let me just say
get over youself
do i really have to tell you
get over yourself
its not all about you

i was watching this show last night about this guys fascination with his name: alan about vain...
ok. nothnig else was one. pretty interesting though...ummm stuff i learned......have u ever surfed and looked for ur name? this is called ego-surfing
my name, well close to my name....marvin.......people identify this name as clumsy......maybe true....ok...yes its true....
but my name.... actual full name, arvinlexter, now thats an original! beat that alan berliner.

my bro and sis went to perform their dance......fundraising stuff this time. hope them luck!
parents are spending stuff for the this massive painting....and rock/glass furnitures......from Parklea of course....i came with them and i think i threw a tantrum....anyways lets not get into that..... i needed to go out so i came......Parklea is cool...bargain price and actual nice stuff so dont knock it....
gonna go....drinking bacardi breezer ....making me queezy.....and a family friend, tito ray, is over making us an outside portable, movable kitchen thing ba..

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Friday, August 02, 2002
Mattie Stepanek, poet this little kid is awesome. Im inspired!
(seen him in oprah)

Facing the Future

Every journey begins
With but a small step.
And every day is a chance
For a new, small step
In the right direction.
Just follow your Heartsong.

For Our World

We need to stop.
Just stop.
Stop for a moment
Before anybody
Says or does anything
That may hurt anyone else.
We need to be silent.
Just silent.
Silent for a moment
Before we forever lose
The blessing of songs
That grow in our hearts.
We need to notice.
Just notice.
Notice for a moment
Before the future slips away
Into ashes and dust of humility.
Stop, be silent, and notice
In so many ways, we are the same.
Our differences are unique treasures.
We have, we are, a mosaic of gifts
To nurture, to offer, to accept.
We need to be.
Just be.
Be for a moment
Kind and gentle, innocent and trusting,
Like children and lambs,
Never judging or vengeful
Like the judging and vengeful.
And now, let us pray,
Differently, yet together,
Before there is no earth, no life,
No chance for peace.

Mattie J.T. Stepanek
September 12, 2001

Mattie Stepanek

by Remi F. and Darcie M. - Grade 4

Mattie Stepanek is a 11 year old poet who has touched the lives of many people. He has been writing poetry since the age of three. This inspiring young poet has a rare case of muscular dystrophy. Poetry helped Mattie overcome the loss of his three siblings that have died of muscular dystrophy. Mattie Stepanek writes poems that really come from his heart. He has written over 200 poems and two books: The Heartsongs and Journey Through Heart. Mattie Stepanek's poems have successfully touched the lives of thousands of different ages.

actually follow the link and see other poets... so talented

and this persons drawings...summer

im inspired........

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raquel made this button for me. its so cool and awesome!...its on the top left corner and thanks heaps!!!! i also came across this site, prose, i really like it and would love to join. its a great idea, where people have different opinions about something and discuss issues that can be very challenging...i wanna join one or start one...its way cool!

im glad i finished friday clean started before 9am and finished just after 1pm.....kinda tired but after it is all done you have that feeling that its all clean and now i can just relax...ok...gonna check the mailbox and my e-mails too.
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Thursday, August 01, 2002
i got good news and bad news..........the bad news i cant say right now. but i have a little knowledge of how this peroson is feeling right now and i am just sorry and sad about it. it will be alright....and the other is that i got a post card from bec...and she's in the blue mountains or something....holidaying....hope shes enjoying herself...and shes good and just wanted to say hi to me and i will be getting a letter from her soon! can't wait!
well this is basically my last day of lazing around....coz tomorrow clean and the weekend everyone will be home and do something then uni starts.....its just sitting in the house....and although i like it....a change is content and hope everyone is too....

flash back....i remember when to Phils, there was a time when it was raining hard (sun shower). it went and poured so hard....and i was just laying down looking out this big nice windows and just thought this is soooo gooood.....the breeze was nice and i can feel the cool air......we stayed in the provence and saw all my friends and relos too.......i wanna go back soon!!!!!!!
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