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Global Communications Group

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We are: Global Communications Group

Dun & Bradstreet #DUNS78-041-5014

Global Communications Group
7216 Williams Rd. Flowery Branch, GA 30542
Phone: (770) 965-3444
(678) 887-2216 Cell


Welcome to Global Communications Group's Website.

Global was founded in 1990, by the husband and wife team of Robert and Anne Colee. At the time Global's focus was the repair / refurbishment / sales of Hitachi PABX telephone systems and parts.

In the following years Global grew its business so that it had more than 300 customers. It also started diversifying its focus to include such things as sales and repair of computers, and other computer related services.

The Global of today still supports the Hitachi base. It also provides sales and support for various types of computers, supercomputers, online information products, classic motorcycles, real estate projects and various alternate energy products.

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