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May 2003, went for a walk with Nick in Farley Hill(near Reading) and discovered not only that I'd never been to this area before but I'd never heard of the Fox and Hounds.
and what a fine pub it is....
Our friend Trademark Mark drank there for a while and Mia and I went to their New Years Party end 0f 2006. However when I returned in 2012 on my way to the George and Dragon, further down the road, discovered that the pub is no has been turned into a house......
Affable bar staff whom Nick of course knew already and very few punters
Top views outside, though our attention was focused more on a young lady to our left who was talking about smuggling cigarettes!!

Took cathy there and we were introduced to the pubs impressive pair of Labradors. Both obsessed with chasing the ball.
The cigarette smuggling girl was there too....sat on the far right

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