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Listed as one of the top ten pubs in the country by The Independent, The Pot Kiln stands out due to it's isolation.There isn't another house in sight and Frilsham, the nearest village, is tiny. Needless to say the pub attracts hikers and horse riders and on a sunday the place is overrun. They have their own micro-brewery on site which supplies quite a few pubs in the area. More recently it was taken over and now has a restaurant in the "Egon Ronay" guide...still does nice rolls though!
Took Mia there in September 2006 just after i'd just arrived back in the country.

When I came back the Z3 had gone, so now it was time to road test the MG-F
Walled garden....bloody marvellous on a sunny day!!
These pics were taken back in 2000 (I think!) when yer man Tim was staying in my house and I was back for a visit with Loree.
What a view!! No cars, no houses, nothing

A visitation of cows!
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