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This pub is in the village of Avebury, famous for its stone circle which is older than Stonehenge!. A bit of a bikers pub the beer is very good and the well inside the pub is very interesting. Both Loree, Fiona and Mia took a peek at different times. It is 90 feet deep and apparently a few people have been chucked down over the years!

My shiny MG naturally enjoyed the trip down. Mia, however doesn't like having the roof down as it makes an even greater mess of her hair!

Three pics of myself and various folk posing in front of the well!

You can see me above with Fiona and her two daughters, Elanor and Kate, posing in front of the barrow's entrance. Fiona, is an old friend from 1987/88!! She married my mate Nick Meredith and moved home to Tasmania, where they have been ever since! They came over for a visit in October 2008. Apart from the Barrow, there is also Silbury Hill, the largest man made hill in Europe. Not supposed to climb up it....but we did!! The main attraction however has to be the Avebury Stones...


Yeah, yeah, so we shouldn't have done it, but these kids had come all the way from Tasmania to see a bit of history!!

Not as big as Stonehenge, but the Avebury stone circle covers a far wider area

The biggest and most important stone of the circle

I've taken most of my "babes" to Avebury and I think they have all been impressed. The Red Lion just rounds the day off nicely!