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DB Twighlight (The Reign of Destruction)

It has been said that only the gods know the whole truth about creation and what was! About what is but is not seen. That there is a mirror opposite universe the exists on a plane opposite the DBX universe! That this is the true place of origin for the dark god.....Demonfist.

Powers beyond description were unleashed during the battle of the universe's warriors against the gods of dbx. And a mighty figure seem to emerge from a darkness so full it swallowed even time, perception, and sanity, one half of the DBX Pantheon, many great warriors have opposed him, but all have died.

Perhaps you can free the dark universe from Demonfist, but be warned, there is no mercy here, only death!

Special Note: this site is one of the best rpgs on the net, it has been cloned, and had it's ideas ripped off so many times, it's rediculous. Each time it has always been done by one of dbt's many, former members seems that after a short time of playing on dbt, people become inspired to clone. At any rate, i feel like it is a personal diss, if you play on these rip off sites, do not expect to play here on dbt ever, if my staff or myself should ever find out (we do give out rewards for any information on these clone sites). There are some sites which have the same kind of vibe as dbt, and they are or soon will be linked to dbt (these sites are run by sitemasters that i am kool with) and i am willing to do my part to help them out. If the site is not linked to my main page or my link page, and it has stuff from dbt, you know it is a rip off!!!!!!

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This is a warning of the rebirth, powerful beings the likes of which have never been seen before will soon be here....fear the future, the reign of destruction is coming!!!!

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