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Contact Information:
Emma C. Volkomer
Harrington, Delaware
(302) 398-6187

Due to moving and now staying with my mother and father
in law I am not able to edit my web aite as often as I would like.
We going to be moving again very shortly and buying our own house.
We have been looking forward to this for sometime.

Angle's Chihuahua's has the name due to the loss of a
vary loving girl. She will soon have her own page on this web
site. Here you can see her story which hopefully everyone
will learn from. Her loss will not be for no use. Angle was a
loving girl;
we will honor her by remembering.

I am in no way at this time considered a breeder.
The litters of puppies that I do have at occasional times
are for my own enjoyment. Some may be sold though not all.
I am in the middle of purchasing a
new female puppy for showing. In approximently a year I may
decide to do a few breedings with her.
I am planning on going to a few shows for the mounth of March
and I am expecting a litter of puppies in
late Febuary. I enjoy working with my dogs as much
as possible. Especially with training and in the beterinary field.

In the future; a few years from now; I do have hopes
for breeding another small dog. I do not have much
of an idea on what breed this will be. Though I would like
to get into showing another breed as well.

Thank you for taking time to look through my pages
I hope you do enjoy them and please sign my guest book.
I would be happy to know what you are thinking.

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In our short time on the net we already won and award!

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