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Jim and Blair
Pic taken from Whispers from the Heart

The Songs Series

More Than Words
1st in the series. Blair reflects as he prepares to leave Cascade for his new job.
(Rated PG; 34K)

Hands to Heaven
2nd in the series. Jim comforts Blair -- really comforts him.
(Rated NC-17; 47K)

3rd in the series. A week after the events of ‘Hands to Heaven,’ Blair struggles to make some sense of the morning after.
(Rated PG-13; 46K)

The Price of Love
4th in the series. Jim’s take on the dreaded ‘Morning After.’
(Rated NC-17; 85K)

Link fixed! Please Come Home for Christmas
5th in the series. A personal favourite of mine, the title just about sums it up.
(Rated NC-17; 220K) Note: Due to the size of the story and the fact that it's html coded, PCHFC has been broken into parts.
Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

I Cross My Heart
6th in the series. Haunted by a tragic case, Jim goes to visit Blair in Virginia.
(Rated NC-17; 82K)

Other Sentinel Stories


Available for the first time on the net! Originally published in the zine '852 Prospect'. This story won a 1999 Cascade Award, and has also been nominated in the Golden Guppies! Set early in the 3rd season, Jim struggles to cope with Blair’s ever-expanding role in his life. Originally completed February 10, 1998. (Rated NC-17, 99K).
For order information on '852 Prospect' contact: The Presses

A Question in the Dark
My only attempt at a PWP?
(Rated PG; 13K)

An Answer in the Morning Light
Sequel to ‘A Question in the Dark’ -- it just proves I’m genetically incapable of writing anything short.
(Rated NC-17; 21K)

Crossover Stories

Lightning Strikes Twice

Crossover with Due South. What if Jim wasn’t the first Sentinel Blair ever met?
(Blair/Fraser, Rated R; 33K)

Hand of God, Twist of Fate
Down for rewrite. Crossover with Highlander. This was actually the first piece of fanfic I ever attempted. It is actually the ending chapter of the story, but can stand alone. Cameos by Duncan and Richie.
(Rated NC-17)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Posting...
(BtVs/HL/DS/TS) Humor -- not W/A. This is what happens when you write in too many fandoms. (Rated PG, 34K)

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