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In Memorium

Jim DeMartine's untimely passing, caused by Lukemia, was a shock to his flying buddies and family alike. We, the Sarasota Silent Flyers, will sorely miss his smiling face and giving ways. Nobody did as much for so many! Curt Leonard, who ministered to Jim in his failing days, told his friends that Jim was prepared to go to Heaven and that Jim said he was going to scout out a perfect electric flying site and have the runways prepared by the time the rest of us got there. Typical of Jim!

God's speed Jim in your new beginning.

(quoted from the Qyet Flyer, John A. Williams, Editor)


This Web Site is for those persons that would rather design their own r/c airplane, fabricate the balsa parts and build something different than opening a box and following instructions.

I only discuss electric powered airplanes mainly because that is what I enjoy the most. The design and build that is covered here results in a very light model that is essential for good electric flight performance.

One of the many advantages to building airplanes this way is the savings on your pocketbook. The real thrill is when your creation flys and performs as well as the better kit planes at the field.

There is nothing fancy about these web pages. They cover basic balsa and plywood construction techniques.Even a newcomer into the RC airplane field can get something out of the construction techniques.

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Choosing a project
Designing your creation
Building your creation
Test flying your own design
Boomer's Links Page
Boomer's Pictures Page