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     Offices and Special Facilities

DSA personnel are assigned to one field office as a primary base of operations, but may be sent anywhere in the country or abroad as needed. With less than 2,000 Special Agents, specialists are usually sent wherever they'll be able to do the most good rather than working close to home.

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Headquarters (Kansas City, MO)
DSA headquarters is located outside Kansas City. The facility's 300-acre grounds are heavily vegetated, save for access roads and a private airstrip. They are thickly sown with electronic sensors and are rumored to be patrolled by guard animals that have been enhanced through alien genetic manipulation techniques. The outer perimeter is a triple layer of 12-foot fences topped with barbed wire, with razor grass planted over minefields between the middle and innermost fences. Signs every fifty feet warn that the installation is secure and deadly force is authorized in its defense.

The aboveground offices are functional but nonessential - the four office park-like buildings are built over a converted NORAD command facility, one of a series of backup sites scattered around the nation as insurance against the destruction of Cheyenne Mountain. The Agency's high-security core is buried deep underground in a self-contained armored bunker that is theoretically proof against a one-megaton nuclear ground-burst.

DSA also maintains a satellite office at its Maximum Security Containment Facility at nearby Fort Leavenworth. Operated in conjunction with the Department of Defense, the MSCF (pronounced "Missiff") is the final destination of criminals whose capabilities preclude their incarceration in conventional prisons. It is also rumored to hold captive extraterrestrials and supernatural creatures.