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      Field Offices

Seattle, WA (DSA Academy)
In addition to the Agency's oldest field office, Seattle also hosts SDSA's primary training facilities. The DSA Academy (known as "Hell State University" within the Agency) provides specialized training to incoming agents whose previous careers have almost certainly not prepared them for their new assignments. The Agency, through the cutout company of Sea-Tac Aerospace, is currently negotiating with Boeing to purchase the aerospace corporation's former headquarters and assembly plant and relocate the Academy to those grounds.

Las Vegas, NV (Advanced Physics Research Facility)
The Las Vegas field office is the most luxurious and sought-after posting in the Agency. It is also the most hazardous, having come under attack from extraterrestrials at least a half-dozen times since its establishment in 1953. After the first public attack, the old office building in downtown Vegas was demolished and the Agency moved to less built-up surroundings on the outskirts of the city.

This office is a prime target for assaults because it serves as the administrative center for the Agency's Advanced Physics Research Facility. APRF is located at the secretive Area 51 and is one of the world's foremost laboratories for the analysis of captured alien technology. It is also the location at which the Agency modifies standard terrestrial aerospace technology for internal use.

Auburn Hills, MI (Advanced Materials Technology Research Laboratory)
The Auburn Hills field office is housed in a sprawling industrial park which also boasts the Advanced Materials Technology Research Laboratory. Officially a Department of Energy facility, AMTReL produces composite alloys, superconductors, advanced plastics and ceramics, and other substances which defy conventional engineering. It has connections to several of the automotive corporations which have facilities in the state, and is the Agency's "speed shop." Rumors from GM state that AMTReL is about to publicly release the formula for a rubber substitute with a coefficient of friction 300% greater than that of current tire materials.

Atlanta, GA (Xenopathological Research Facility)
The Atlanta field office is housed next to the Lucent Technologies (formerly Bell Labs) research facility, giving it access to some of the world's foremost telecommunications resources. Of more critical importance, however, is the Xenopathological Research Institute which the Agency operates in conjunction with the CDC. Xenopath is the nation's only Level 5 biocontainment facility, theoretically equipped to handle pathogens with nonphysical components such as Stoker's Disease and the Greys' Mimetic Alteration Virus.

Colorado Springs, CO (Deep Space Tracking Center)
The Colorado Springs field office is built on top of the bunker for the Agency's Deep Space Tracking Center. DSTC has a direct communications link to USAF Space Command, NORAD, and various NASA space tracking facilities, and can eavesdrop on transmissions from virtually any US military satellite (and, unofficially, many foreign ones as well). It also controls the Agency's own constellation of space surveillance satellites, which are designed to detect extraterrestrial craft entering terrestrial or lunar space.

Kona, HI (Thaumaturgical Research Center)
The Pacific Territories field office (with jurisdiction over the Mariana archipelago and US-allied Pacific islands as well as Hawaii) also supports the Thaumaturgical Research Center. TRC's location varies - it is built in a converted deep-sea oil drilling platform, and is usually kept at least 100 miles from the nearest populated territory in case of catastrophic accidents. A pair of oceangoing salvage tugs (former Coast Guard vessels) move it once every two to three months to keep magical activity from forming a permanent power nexus or diverting local ley lines.

Tampa, FL (Military Liaison Office)
Located in an office park adjacent to MacDill Air Force Base, the Tampa field office contains the Agency's Military Liaison Office. Working through Special Operations Command (based at MacDill), MLO is the primary conduit between the Agency and the formidable resources of the Department of Defense. Because of its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, personnel from Tampa often participate in drug interdiction operations.

New Orleans, LA
The "Big Easy" field office has no specialized facilities, but does tend to attract a large number of Agency parapsychologists interested in studying New Orleans' hundreds of resident ghosts. The office keeps at least two magically adept security personnel on duty at all times to counter the occasional voodoo practitioners who object to government interest in the area.

Memphis, TN
The Memphis field office is a common posting for agents who have sustained psychological trauma. It has an unusually low incidence of high-stress or violent cases, and duty here is somewhat easier than in many other locations.

Phoenix, AZ
Surveillance operations into Mexico are commonly run out of the Phoenix field office. This is also the information center for Agency investigation of potentially dangerous cults.

Salem, MA
Salem's field office houses the DSA's secondary magical research facility, as well as its forensic archaeology unit. Activity here is strictly limited to extremely low-power work for safety reasons.

Anchorage, AK
Due to its isolation and barren surroundings, the Anchorage field office is an ideal site for the Agency's psychic research program. Anchorage has yet to receive a formal facility designation or additional funding for such a program, but psychically active agents tend to gravitate here.

San Francisco, CA
Located close to UC-Berkeley, the San Francisco field office often conducts field observations of popular culture trends that could introduce dangerous elements into American society. It also monitors Hollywood for potential leaks or propaganda opportunities.