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     Foreign Offices

Brussels, Belgium (NATO Liaison Office)
DSA does not interface directly with the Belgian government, but the agency maintains a permanent presence at NATO headquarters in Brussels as part of the American delegation to the organization. This is primarily a diplomatic posting rather than an operational one, and is usually staffed by Executive Directorate and Foreign Service Directorate personnel.

Ottawa, Canada (Liaison Office)
The US embassy has a permanent DSA liaison office for coordinating DSA activities with the Canadian Department of National Defense's Territorial Security Division and the RCMP's "Y" Division (often referred to as "Y Me?" Division). Foreign Office Ottawa is the least hazardous of DSA's foreign postings and is often reserved for D-2 agents who have earned postings "close to home."

MI-5 Thames House London, England (Liaison Office)
DSA's largest liaison office is located here. The assigned office space is in the US embassy, but it's extremely uncomfortable. Most personnel assigned to Foreign Office London prefer to work out of loaned facilities in the sub-basement of MI-5 headquarters at Thames House.

Manila, The Philippines (Liaison Office)
A single DSA agent and four support personnel are assigned to the US embassy in Manila. Shoehorned into the back of the naval attaché's office, Foreign Office Manila provides intelligence and consulting to the Filipino military.

Pretoria, South Africa (Liaison Office)
One of DSA's dirty little foreign relations secrets is its constant contact with the South African government's National Intelligence Coordinating Committee (NICOC) since 1976, even when international relations between Pretoria and Washington were at their worst. Foreign Office Pretoria is regarded as something of a punishment assignment for Foreign Service agents due to the living conditions, but the Unconventional Research personnel here have returned a wealth of data on magical practices and threats on the southern end of the continent.

Sydney, Australia (Unofficial Posting)
There is no official DSA presence in Australia, but the US consulate in Sydney hosts a small Sydney Opera House DSA contingent which performs liaison duties with ANZAC forces. It also monitors the Great Barrier Reef for paranormal activity, which Australian authorities tolerate so long as the monitoring remains covert. Previous incursions into the Outback have been strongly discouraged and a gentlemen's agreement with the Australian Secret Intelligence Service's Parasecurity Division keeps further such misunderstandings from occurring.

Hong Kong (Unofficial Posting)
DSA officially pulled out of the American Consulate in Hong Kong when the island returned to Chinese rule. However, six DSA agents are still on the payroll as maintaining private apartments there, in a complex whose primary tenants are officers of the HKPD's Special Branch.

Yokohama, Japan (Unofficial Posting)
DSA has no official reciprocity agreement with any Japanese agency, but the port facilities in Yokohama (conveniently close to Tokyo and often frequented by the US Navy) play host to Foreign Office Yokohama, a small contingent of personnel with highly unofficial local connections.