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Isaac Newton

Newton's Inventions
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Timeline of Newton's Life
Fun Facts about Isaac Newton
Newton and the Apple Tree

Isaac Newton was a scientist born on December 25 1642. He made many discoveries, some of which include: a reflecting telescope, principle of gravity and that white light contains the colors of the rainbow. He also held many leadership positions including: a professor, a member of parliment, Master of the Mint, president of the Royal Society and was knighted by Queen Anne. The thing that made Isaac Newton so great was his determination to discover. "He ate very sparingly, nay, sometimes he forgot to eat at all so that going into his chamber I have found his [food] untouched... I never saw him take, any recreation or past time... thinking all hours lost that were not spent in his studies, to which he kept so close that he seldom left the chamber..."(Newton's assistant , Humphrey, Scientists Made History Isaac Newton,paul Mason.)