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Isaac's Inventions

Isaac Newton went to college at Cambridge, while there he experimented with a prism making an important discovery about light: it's made of different colors, colors are a result of objects reflecting light, a white object reflects all light, and a black object reflects o light,but absorbs all. Isaac left the plague to his home in Woolsthorpe there he developed Calculus to help him be able to understand the way the mooon and other planets moved. He even made a law to find the distance of the planets around the sun. Unfortunatly his radius of the Earth was wrong so it wasn't working for him. Newton also created a book called Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica,(Mathematical Pinciples of Natural Philosophy,) or Principia Mathematica. It had four sections of books. I and II work on force and motion. Book III applied books I and II to real life situations. This book's first part contained law of gravith and an introduction that explainded what was to come. Newton also created a book about light called Opticks . It explained refraction, reflection, rainbows, prisms, and behavior of mirrors too. It then talked about gravity and how the eye worked. Each part of this book contained experimental proofs. At the end of his book Opticks Isaac had "Queries". They were ideas that he couldn't prove but that he thought were true. Some "Queries" gave Einstein a starting part for his Theroy of General Relativity. The telescope had already been invented but the images were fuzzy. Newton used mirrors on his telescopes, the mirrors made it less fuzzy. These mirrors are concave of curved. Newton invented the laws of motion:

  • 1.Every object stays at rest unless it is acted on by an outside force. If it is in motion it travels in a straight line unless it is acted on by and outside force.
  • 2.The outside force is related to the direction and the increase in speed of the object.
  • 3.To every action there is an oppostie and equal reaction.
  • Newton made many more discoverids some of which include: a waterwheel or a wheel that turns by water power, a laser beam of light to help sergons do operations, and this fantastic scientist invented much more too!