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Fun Facts About Isaac Newton

  • Newton's discoveries about light and movement of planets were used to make the first flights to the moon possible.
  • Newton at only age 26 became a professor of math.
  • Newton believed God was invisible but influenced every part of people's lives.
  • Newton was an Arian, or a follower of a seceret religion that didn't believe in the Holy Trinity.
  • Newton practiced Alchemy. Alchemy is an ancient practice banned in England in 1404.
  • Newton was elected as a member of parliment. His membership lasted only a year.
  • Newton earned the title of Warden of the Royal Mint.
  • Newton oversaw the recoinage of the whole country.
  • Newton was knighted because of his political activites.
  • Isaac was named after his father who died three months before Isaac was born.
  • Isaac was born early. He was so small he could have put him in a quart jug.
  • Isaac's father could hardly write his name.
  • Isaac was one of the worst in his class until a bully at school kicked him. Isaac challenged him to a fight even though he was smaller. He won. That wasn't enough for him, he decided to be better than the bully at school as well.
  • Isaac liked to draw, his room was even colored on the ceilings and walls.
  • Issaac was born on Christmas.