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My Stories

Here is a small collection of the stories I've written over the years. Keep checking back because I will continue to add new stories. Feedback on any of these is always welcome and appreciated. It can be sent to Enjoy!

A Beautiful Mistake - (PG) JAG fan fic. A post "A Tangled Webb (1)" story.

The Best Man - (PG) JAG fan fic. Co-authored by Nikki. Are Harm and A.J. man enough to repair their tattered friendship?

Betrayal - (PG-13) JAG fan fic. Co-authored by CRene, entry for the 2004 Chaz Awards, Challenge Category. When JAG and NCIS come together to save a friend, do loyalties collide and send an innocent man away or does the truth prevail?

Can I Buy You Dessert? - (R, for sexual situation) JAG fan fic. Clay and Mac have a much needed discussion about Harm.

Catacombs of the Heart - (NC-17, for language, violence, sexual references/situations) JAG fan fic. A murder investigation forces Harm and Mac to investigate their own relationship.

Changes Can Be Good (Damn) - (PG-13) JAG fan fic. It involves a song… and a bar… and Harm and Mac…

Checking Out - (R, for language and sexual references/situations) I can't really think of a summary. It's about a guy and his life.

The Day The Planes Quit Flying - (PG) This is a little piece I wrote on 9/11 about the events of the day and my thoughts.

Everyday - (PG) JAG fan fic. "We should show people everyday how much they mean to us, not just on one day of the year.”

Flying From the Catacombs - (NC-17, sexual references/situations) JAG fan fic. Sequel to “Catacombs of the Heart.” How have things changed since Harm’s departure? Do Harm and Mac still have a chance at a relationship?

Getting Through It - (R) JAG fan fic. Things don’t always work out like people plan them to, but sometimes just getting through the tough stuff can lead people to where they want to go.

A Human Conversation - (PG) JAG fan fic. A conversation between Harm and Mac concerning the Washington, D.C. sniper attacks.

The Roads We Take (The Admiral's Wedding) - (NC-17, for sexual situation) JAG fan fic. Sort of a reaction piece to “A Merry Little Christmas.” The Admiral’s wedding leads to some serious thoughts about the choices made in life, what might have been, and what may be.

She Made Me See - (NC-17, sexual references/situation) JAG fan fic. Mattie’s a smart girl, but as she starts figuring out part of her life, is she the only one that begins to understand the people in it?

Shipper V. Webb - (NC-17, sexual reference/situation) JAG fan fic. This takes place during "People V. SecNav" after the scene in Mac's apartment with her, Bud, and Harm. The results of this scene would change the whole rest of the episode.

Should Have Taken Another Week Off - (PG-13, for language/topic) NCIS fan fic. Tony’s first day back at work turned out to be a pretty bad one. What happens in the aftermath? Set after "Twilight."

Taking It Like A Woman - (PG-13, for language) JAG fan fic. Follow-up to the episode "Take It Like A Man."

True Love Never Was Easy - (NC-17, for sexual situation) JAG fan fic. Sometimes getting what you want isn't easy.

Un-Chained - (PG-13) NCIS fan fic. Takes place shortly after “Chained.” Sometimes just being there is enough.

Want You Back - (NC-17, for sexual situation, F/F reference) Do we always really know what we want in life?

What I'd Give Up - (R, for violence and language) JAG fan fic. What is Harm willing to give up to have Mac?

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