Shipper V. Webb

Rating: NC-17 (sexual reference/situation)

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Mac's Apartment
Washington, D.C.
2243 Hours (local)

Rising to his feet from the chair, Harm stretched upward, his muscles straining after several hours spent sitting, studying the case. Bud had left about an hour earlier, hurrying home to help Harriet with Jimmy, who was up late once again. He and Mac had continued to prepare for the case, throwing ideas and theories at each other, countering with opposing responses.

"You ready to head out?" Mac asked.

Grinning, Harm responded, "Are you trying to kick me out?"

"No," Mac shook her head, smiling softly, "but we do have to get an early start in the morning."

"Look, Mac, if you're tired, just say so," Harm teased.

Rolling her eyes, Mac continued to smile as she said, "I'm a Marine, Harm. Marines don't get tired."

"So then why were you yawning?"

Laughing lightly, Mac threw a pillow at him and said, "Don't make me pick you up and throw you out."

He caught the pillow easily. "So, you are throwing me out?" he countered, still smiling.

"Not yet," she threatened with a grin.

Nodding, Harm said in a slightly more serious tone, "Yeah, I think I'm ready to head out."

Following Harm's example, Mac rose to her feet and stretched upward, her sweater rising slightly. After sitting for so long, standing up and stretching felt good.

Bending over to pick up some of the papers, Harm caught sight of Mac's skin, and was reminded of everything that wasn't his, everything that would "never" be his.

"Leave it. I'll get it in a few minutes," Mac offered.

Shaking his head, Harm said, "I can't leave your table a mess, Mac. It wouldn't be very gentlemanly."

Placing her hands on her hips, Mac cocked her head and raised an eyebrow as she said, "So, you're a gentleman now?"

"Always have been," Harm responded, glancing up at her. God, she was beautiful. Mumbling more to himself than her, he added, "But maybe you've just never noticed."

"What was that?" Mac asked.

"Nothing important," Harm shrugged.

"Leave it, Harm," Mac repeated. "I'll get it in the morning."

Rising, Harm straightened back up. "You sure?"

Mac nodded. "It's not a problem. And you still have to get home and pack."

"Yeah," Harm grinned sheepishly. "I haven't packed yet." Moving away from the coffee table, Harm picked up his cell phone and briefcase and moved towards the door. "Thanks, Mac, for having Bud and I over."

"We needed a place where we wouldn't be interrupted," Mac responded, following Harm to the door. "And it doesn't sound like Bud's house would have worked very well."

"No," Harm agreed. "And with me leaving, Mattie would probably want to hang around, so we wouldn't have gotten much done there."

Grinning, Mac said, "She'll miss you."

"And I'll miss her," Harm admitted.

"You've gotten used to having her around, haven't you?" Mac asked.

"I have. She's an amazing girl. I'm really glad I have her in my life."

Looking at her feet, missing what she didn't have, Mac said, "I'm sure that doesn't go just one way."

"Yeah," Harm agreed. For a moment, they were stuck in an awkward silence. "Thanks for dinner, too," Harm added.

"You're welcome."

There was another moment of awkward silence before Harm said, "I should get going."

"Yeah," Mac agreed. "I'll see you in the morning."

"Are you nervous about this whole thing?" Harm asked suddenly.

Smiling broadly, Mac answered him by saying, "Of course I am. I hate to think of what will happen if we blow this."

"Then losing isn't an option," Harm grinned.

Laughing lightly, Mac said, "I know you aren't nervous, are you? Harmon Rabb, as cool as a cucumber."

"As cool as a cucumber on a table in the middle of a desert maybe," Harm grinned.

"You're nervous?" Mac asked, surprised. Shifting her weight, she leaned against the door and waited for his response.

"Of course I am," he admitted. "Like you said, if we blow this…"

"And like you said," Mac began, "We'll just have to make sure we don't lose."

Harm looked at Mac as she leaned against the door, her sweater framing her feminine curves, the lighting in the room making her face glow.

Watching Harm watching her, Mac asked, "What?"

"Nothing," Harm said, shaking his head slightly, but continuing to gaze at her. "Just noticing how beautiful you look tonight."

Mac caught the look in his eyes as he spoke and was reminded of the last time he had said something similar. "You mean that?" she asked softly.

Harm nodded, his gaze meeting hers.

"Why didn't you fight?" she asked, her voice still softer than her last question.

"I didn't know I was supposed to," he admitted.

Mac nodded.

As Harm studied her, he dropped his briefcase, as it was becoming apparent that he wasn't leaving just yet. Shifting, he leaned toward Mac, bracing one arm on the door behind her. Continuing to look at Mac, he noticed the way her gaze had heated up as the topic of conversation had shifted. Unable to stop what had been set in motion, Harm moved still further and placed his lips on hers, kissing her softly.

For a moment, Mac let herself fall into the kiss before she gently pushed Harm back. "What are you doing?" she whispered.

"Fighting for you," he responded.

Mac nodded, smiling, her lips tingling from his kiss. Leaning forward, she kissed him, softly.

Harm ended the kiss this time, pulling away slightly. Breathing in her scent, he asked quietly, "Now, what are you doing?"

"Encouraging you to go into battle," she whispered, smiling, her eyes twinkling.

Harm smiled and leaned forward to kiss her again, this time with more passion, more intensity, and a little bit fiercer.

Pulling herself away from the door, she wrapped her arms around him and pressed herself against him.

Feeling her against him excited Harm further, and running his tongue along her lips, he asked for entrance.

She was more than willing to oblige, opening her mouth to him.

Invading the warm recesses of her mouth, Harm's tongue explored the areas previously denied to him. Holding her to him, Harm stepped forward and pressed her back into the door, one arm bracing himself on the door.

When her back met the solid wood behind her, Mac moaned into Harm's mouth, loving every moment of this start to a new dance. Pressing herself still closer to Harm, Mac could feel his excitement, which only added to her own.

Feeling Mac press herself against him intoxicated Harm. He was drowning in her. Delighting in the feel of her feminine form against him, Harm felt as if he could never get enough of her. Moving his lips from hers, he kissed his way along her chin and down her neck, tasting her skin beneath his lips.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Mac pressed his head into her flesh, encouraging him.

Working his way up to her ear, Harm whispered, "I want you, Mac."

Mac forcefully pulled his head away and moved her own so that she could kiss his lips again before she answered. "Take me, Harm."

Taking her at her word, Harm pressed Mac into the door, lifting her up in the process.

Accommodating him, Mac wrapped her legs around him, pressing her core into his erection.

Groaning into her mouth, Harm reached up with one hand and slid it under her sweater, cupping one breast over her bra. As he traced one of her already erect nipples, he began kissing his way down her throat again.

Mac was desperate to get Harm's shirt off. Tugging at the material, she finally got him to pull back enough to pull the garment off over his head. The moment she felt his skin beneath her fingers, Mac melted.

Deciding that touching wasn't enough, Harm likewise wanted to get Mac's sweater off. Pulling it over her head, he immediately went back for the bra, snapping the clasp and sliding it off of her before she even knew what he was doing.

When Mac felt Harm's lips connect with her nipple, she arched her back into him and groaned his name. Digging her nails into his back and closing her eyes, Mac didn't want to wait any longer. She wanted him inside her, now.

Feeling Mac's fingers on the waistband of his khakis, Harm shivered with anticipation. Deciding that continuing up against the door was going to be difficult, since he didn't want to stop touching her long enough to get her clothes off, Harm pulled her away from the door and sank to the floor with her. As soon as he had her down, his fingers were on the button of jeans, loosening them and tugging at the zipper.

Likewise, Mac was working on Harm's pants. Pleased with the change of position, she let him pull the jeans off her before she rolled them over, pressing Harm into the carpet, and pulling his pants off him. Placing herself above him, Mac leaned low and kissed his chest, inhaling his scent, the scent that had kept her wake for countless nights, just because it wasn't in her sheets. Swirling her tongue around one of his nipples, she felt him pull her closer.

With one hand, Harm pulled Mac closer, and the other reached down to cup one of her breasts. Running a thumb over a nipple, he felt the vibration from her moan hit a nerve and go straight to his groin. Yanking her up, Harm allowed himself to feast on her neck as he tugged at her underwear.

Mac reached down and helped Harm to remove her underwear, and when she was free, she reached down to remove his boxers.

Lifting his hips up off the floor, Harm allowed Mac to strip him down.

When Mac felt his skin on her skin, she sat up and straddled him, no longer willing to wait for the joining she had spent years dreaming of. Hovering above him, she met Harm's gaze.

Harm held her gaze until she began to lower herself onto him. Watching as he slid into her, Harm couldn't suppress the groaning of her name that escaped his lips. Smiling he met Mac's gaze as he was surrounded by her, her warmth reaching into his soul. He knew this was it, there would be nothing else that could ever compare to this. Whatever happened after this, Harm would spend the rest of his life fighting for her if he had to.

As Mac felt him fill her up, she knew that nothing else mattered. JAG was outside of this, Webb was ancient history, and the trial was another day at work. This was real and this was all that mattered. Rocking forward, Mac set the new dance into motion.

One of Harm's hands slipped down between them, one finger circling her clit.

Arching forward, Mac threw her head back in ecstasy, and began rocking her body harder, faster.

Harm had never seen a more beautiful sight. Removing his hand from her clit, he reached up and pulled her down to kiss her lips firmly. When their lips met, he rolled them over. Repositioning them, he lifted Mac's legs up higher so he could get deeper.

Knowing she wasn't far from the edge, Mac only got closer as Harm took charge. As much as she liked being on top, sometimes it was good to be on the bottom, too. Squeezing both her thigh muscles and her inner muscles, Mac tightened her hold on him as he pounded into her.

Pinning Mac beneath him, Harm picked up the pace. There would be another time for slower, for exploring, but he wanted her, wanted to claim her and mark her as his. And judging by the gleam in her eye, the smile on her face, and the way she was calling his name, she seemed to want the same thing.

As Mac tumbled over the edge, she shuddered and her muscles clenched around Harm, and she felt him explode inside her, calling her name in his ecstasy.

Moments later, Harm backed off of Mac and laid next to her, still holding her tightly, vowing to never let her go again.

Outside the apartment door, one man stood, his shoulders hunched in sadness for the woman he knew he had just lost. So much for surprising her before she left for the Netherlands: he was the one who was surprised.

Inside, turning towards Mac, Harm carefully watched her facial features, searching for some clue as to how she was feeling.

Noticing Harm's gaze, Mac asked, "You okay?"

"Are you?" he asked.

"Well, my back might be a little rug-burned, but as long as no one sees it, I think I'll be okay," she grinned.

"You plan on letting anyone else see it?" he asked, concerned.

"Not a chance," she said, pulling him close for a kiss.


It's up to you to imagine how the rest of the episode would have changed...


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