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Army Cadets - Training


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Army Cadets

Army Cadet Rank Structure

Cadet training is divided into four star levels (similar in duration and testing to grade school), each level should be completed in one training year, but sometimes exceptions can be made.

Green Star: First year training. Basics are taught and the youth is exposed to all aspects of cadet life: Bushcraft, Citizenship, Drill, Fundamental Training, Leadership, Marksmanship, Public Speaking,and Map & Compass.

Red Star: The cadet adds to thier basic knowledge by a continuation of green star courses. The cadet is now also exposed to first aid training.

Silver Star: The cadet has mastered the basics and takes on more responsibility. Leadership skills now becomes the main focus, and the cadet learns how to teach others what they themselves have learned.

Gold Star: The last star level. The cadet perfects their instructional abilities and moves into a leadership role with in the cadet corps.

National Star: Upon completion of the four star levels, army cadets may participate in a National Star Certification Examination (NSCE) which tests their practical knowledge, as well as their instructional abilities. The actual examination usually occurs during Spring Break, and involves cadets from many corps in the region.

The aims of NSCE are to evaluate the star training program at the corps level, set a nationally recognized level of achievement within the army cadet training program, and to serve as a prerequsite for additional training, such as exchange camps.

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Master Cadet: To achieve the level of Master Cadet a cadet has to meet the following requirements:

• Has achieved NSCE standing and recieved the corresponding badge

• Has completed the requirements for the bronze level of physical fitness and recieved the corresponding badge

• Has passed a Warrant Officer qualifying course and recieved the corresponding badge

• Has successfully completed a summer camp tour as a staff cadet at an Army Cadet Training Center (ACTC)

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