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Air Cadets

Army Cadets

This Page was made by Melanie Brownlee & Mandy Fonos. It was a final assignment for our Comp100 - Introduction to Information Technology course. We decided to focus on Air Cadets and Army Cadets as that is where the majority of our experience is.

These air cadets are taking their first gliding lesson.

Our topic for this assignment is Cadets. We chose cadets because we were both in cadets. Melanie was in air cadets, and Mandy was in sea cadets for about 8 months, then decided that she wasn't being challenged enough, so she transferred to army cadets.

Mandy: "I was in Army Cadets for a five years, and I know it taught me some very valuable lessons about life and characteristics that I hope to cary with me throughout my life. I was a member of the 2305 Rockey Mountain Ranger Cadet Corps of Kamloops. I enjoyed my time with cadets so much that I am considering becoming an officer with one of the local corps in town next year."

Melanie: "I had the honour of being in Air Cadets for four years. I achieved the rank of sergeant during my time with the 204 Black Maria Air Cadet Squadron of Kamloops. Every part of my training enhanced my life in some way.

This picture was taken at the Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Center. These staff cadets, from the HQ company are rappeling down a slight incline, in Vernon B.C.

This is the 1812 Overature...

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Last updated on:10 Dec 2003