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Air Cadets


Army Cadets

Royal Canadian Air Cadets

Royal Canadian Air Cadet - National HomePage

Interesting Fact:
  • You can get your Pilots license while you are an Air Cadet
Air Cadet Cap Brass
This is the cap brass is worn on all Air Cadet wedges (their head dress).
Aims Of The Army Cadet Movement:
  1. Develop Leadership and Good Citizenship
  2. Promote Physical Fitness
  3. Stimulate an interest in the 3 elements of the Canadian Forces
Air Cadet Motto:
  1. To Learn
  2. To Serve:
  3. To Advance:

Air Cadet Rank Structure

  • Leading Air Cadet

  • Corporal

  • Sergeant

  • Flight Sergeant

  • Warrant Officer 2nd Class

  • Warrant Officer 1st Class

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